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Brume d'oreiller beauté & bien-être à vaporiser sur taie oreiller soie 25 mommes
Brume d'oreiller beauté & bien-être à vaporiser sur la taie d'oreiller en soie

The night becomes care

Boosting the skin's regenerative powers, by mobilizing its multisensory faculties, is Benu Blanc's original cosmetic approach.

Routine beauté soir nuit soie
Routine beauté nuit soie
Unprecedented collaboration

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Promise of Youth

Imagine ...

A silk fiber rich in multiple virtues and accompanied by cosmetics with countless benefits, which, relentlessly, throughout the night, while you sleep, soothes your mind, caresses your skin, nourishes it with aromatic actives and makes it more beautiful.
Now you understand how Benu Blanc will change your nights, regenerate your skin and boost your beauty.

The night becomes care

Benu Blanc, a French brand with a strong conviction for the Made in France, combines a silk fiber and exclusive cosmetics based on silk proteins to meet a major challenge: help the skin to regenerate fully at night.
Promote its soothing to optimize its receptivity to active ingredients,
Take advantage of sleep to fill it with benefits,
Start its regeneration and allow it to regain, night after night, all its qualities of youth and beauty.

An exceptional silk woven in France

A Benu Blanc exclusive

The symbolism of the phoenix

Why Benu Blanc?

Benu is the other name of the Phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from its ashes. It is invincible, mysterious and a symbol of rebirth. In the iconography of the New Kingdom, the Benu is frequently represented as a heron of white or blue color where it evokes Osiris in the symbolism of the setting sun. White is synonymous with purity and softness.

routine beauté soir soie

Evening beauty routine: cell regeneration boosted by silk

The night is the time dedicated to cell regeneration. To optimize this regeneration, silk helps preserve the skin's hydration and boosts the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments. How does it work?
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Cocons de soie made in France soin exfoliant gommage visage lèvres

Lip care: gentle exfoliation with a silk cocoon made in Cévennes

Discover the silk cocoons for a gentle scrub of the face and lips. Produced in the Cevennes, reusable and guaranteed without pollutants. Cocoons from the French beauty silk industry Benu Blanc & Sericyne.
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Filière Soie Française partenariat Benu Blanc Sericyne

Benu Blanc x Sericyne collaboration: creating the French beauty silk industry

Benu Blanc and Sericyne aim to create the French beauty silk industry. In a sustainable production mode, the French silk ecosystem provides a healthy raw material, free of any pollutants or pesticides.
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Patented technological innovations

The expertise of silk

The main idea of Benu Blanc was to combine the two components of the silk cocoon, fibroin and sericin, to create a real 'molecular cocoon' active on the skin and hair throughout the night.

It is this magical alliance of silk fabric, made in France, and exclusive complementary products, 100% natural, formulated from silk proteins that takes care of the skin, hair and brings well-being.

The Benu Blanc mulberry silk pillowcase, 25 mommes, has been truly thought as a cosmetic care: it plays an active role in its own right for the night care. Respectful of the skin's hydration, antibacterial and hypoallergenic: this silk woven in France is 100% natural and Oeko-Tex certified.

Nuit de Soie, Benu Blanc's best-selling ritual combining mulberry silk pillowcase and beauty & well-being pillow mist, won a Victoire de la Beauté in the Top Innovation category.

Benu Blanc in the magazine Madame Figaro

Benu Blanc beauty and well-being rituals are once again praised in the press for their effectiveness and great sensoriality.

Nice quote from Madame Figaro:

"Since the skin repairs itself at night, and is endowed with 2,000 billion cells rich in sensory sensors, the Benu Blanc brand helps it regenerate with a mulberry silk pillowcase and seven mists of cosmetic actives to spray that immerse the face in a cocoon of well-being."

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