What about acne? The benefits of silk

Two types of acne coexist in 60% of cases of acne-prone skin

Dermatologically speaking, there are two types of acne. First of all, it can result in a simple excess of sebum with the appearance of small comedones (blackheads and whiteheads). This is called retentional acne.

But acne can also be accompanied by pimples and larger lesions. In an environment deprived of oxygen, a bacterium naturally present in the skin (called P. acnes) can proliferate and create inflammatory substances that spread to the underlying layers. This is called inflammatory acne .

Generally, these two forms coexist: this is mixed acne, which affects nearly 60% of cases.

Benu Blanc anti acné soie Several factors contribute to the appearance of acne: stress, fatigue, inadequate diet... but this is especially true of hormonal upheavals such as puberty, an emotional shock, pregnancy or premenstrual syndrome. Does this acne speak to you? The one that appears just before a very important appointment and causes a huge pimple to appear on your face that makes you feel as if it were the only thing you could see?

What you don't know is that you can avoid it.

First basic principle: a regularly washed pillowcase is a must against acne

If there's one ally that can take us straight into the arms of Morpheus, the one we can always count on (at least 7 hours a night), it's our pillow! On one condition: that we take care of it so that it gives us back well. Indeed, at night, our pillowcase accumulates particles of sweat, sebum secretions but also a whole bunch of dead cells, and all this little world can cause irritations, and even promote acne on the skin of our face, especially if we sleep in this position:

Benu Blanc dormir oreiller soie

So we advise you, before anything else, to wash your pillowcases once a week and your skin will thank you.

Sleeping on a clean pillowcase is ESSENTIAL to avoid acne, blemishes and skin problems.

Second principle: silk is antimicrobial and more hygienic

Silk is scientifically and medically recognized for its antimicrobial, anti-oxidant (inflammation related) and tissue (skin) regenerating properties. A silk pillowcase takes care of your skin all night long.

Silk prevents the appearance of small imperfections and participates in the regulation of acne, the skin resting and breathing on a more hygienic surface. Finally, compared to cotton, silk is rich in very specific natural fibers, it will retain much less dust and impurities.s.

But what is the problem with cotton in relation to acne? Excess sebum secretion and bacterial proliferation

The other problem with cotton is that it is very hydrophilic, meaning that it "pumps" water. Do the test! Put a drop of water on a flat surface and take a piece of cotton. In a fraction of a second, all the water is absorbed by the material.

Benu Blanc soie anti-acné soin peau homme

Well, imagine that it does the same with the water contained in the cells of your skin.

This will then cause two phenomena:

-A certain aggression of your skin which will have to fight and, consequently, to secrete serbum in excess.ès

-A transfer of water to the tissue which will necessarily encourage bacterial proliferation, as bacteria need water to live.

    On the contrary, silk will intervene on both forms of acne, retentional acne and inflammatory acne.

    Its sensory qualities are extraordinary: it limits the friction that causes inflammation at the origin of skin problems.

    Moreover, silk has the incredible property of being hydrophobicthat is to say that it does not absorb water. In addition to totally respecting the hydration and balance of the skin, it also prevents the phenomenon of bacterial proliferation within the fabric itself, which will remain clean and hygienic for longer.

    To treat acne, all dermatologists will tell you, you need to be gentle first ! And, between us, what fabric is softer than Benu Blanc silk ? CertifiedOeko-tex certified, it is also free of over 300 harmful substances, commonly used in non-certified fabrics, for your skin.

    But let's go further. What natural ingredients can help the skin defend itself against acne?

    Third principle: some natural active ingredients can help the skin fight acne

    Aromatherapy is a great help in case of acne, because nature offers many anti-infectious, antibacterial and healing essential oils. We have used in the formulation of Benu Blanc pillow mists several of these essential oils beneficial to acne-prone skin: Patchouli, Vetiver, Bergamot, Shiu, Clove and Virginia Cedar.

    Benu Blanc rituel nuit de soie rouge The Ambre Patchouli care mist, a real anti-acne cocktail, is the most suitable: it combines patchouli, bergamot, shiu, clove and Virginia cedar. The aromatic active ingredients diffuse their antibacterial, soothing and healing properties throughout the night thanks to natural microencapsulation technology (patent pending).

    The Boisé Vétiver care mist relies more on the simplicity of Vetiver and Virginia cedar to also help fight acne and promote a harmonious complexion.

    TheBergamot Mimosa care mist also provides support for acne-prone skin thanks to the action of Bergamot, which is antiseptic, purifying and regenerating.

    Finally, the next care mist Chamomile Almond, which we are currently testing, will feature Roman Chamomile. Roman Chamomile has exceptional properties to soothe skin irritations. It acts on the epidermis and dermis, on fibroblasts and collagen. We will speak to you about it again in May.

    Let's recap: the roadmap against acne

    It is necessary to adopt certain indispensable rules on a daily basis, such as cleaning your skin with a specific gentle product, protecting it from the sun, which, contrary to popular belief, promotes acne, not popping your pimples, eating a healthy diet, etc.

    In addition, remember to wash your pillowcase regularly.

    But above all, to beat acne, you must focus on softness and hydration. Avoid cotton pillowcases and choose a silk pillowcase to limit the appearance of unsightly pimples, blemishes and blemishes. blemishes, blackheads and even and even mêeven eczéma.

    And finally, you can use aromatherapy, the natural aromatic actives, to help you in the fight against acne. Benu Blanc's Amber Patchouli care mist, combined with the Oeko-Tex certified silk pillowcase developed specifically for beauty linens are precious allies, and your night will become a treatment against acne.

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