Why is silk good for the skin (... and therefore the brain)?

The maintenance of hydration and the mobilization of the skin's sensory receptors, the real keys to its youth

The very first virtue of silk: it preserves the skin's hydration

Soie peau sèche bienfaits hydratation taie oreillerAll too often, our skin suffers from dryness, the result of the effects of the environment in which we live on a daily basis: UV rays, extreme temperatures, pollution... all of which damage our body envelope. During the day, our skin fights relentlessly against these attacks. It weakens, and in particular dehydrates.

Yet hydration is the primary source of youth. But what does this have to do with silk? Silk is composed of a polymer of naturally hydrophobic proteins, which means that silk does not absorb water from the skin.

It has the effect inverses cotton or cotton percale which represent 97% of pillowcases sold in Europe. Indeed: put water on cotton, what happens? Immediate absorption! Cotton is, unlike silk, hydrophilic. If this is perfect for perspiration, it is really problematic for the skin.

All night long, cotton "pumps" the water out of the skin, drying it out, which is why it feels so tight in the morning, and even causes dryness lines. Similarly, if you use a moisturizer before going to sleep, your cream is drained by the cotton fiber. The result: a sharp-eyed dermatologist can tell which side of the face a patient sleeps on just by looking at them. One side of the face is drier, more wrinkled than the other ... (except for the rare people who sleep all night on their backs!)

What about the skin's sensory receptors in contact with silk?

The skin, far from being a simple 'envelope' of the body, is a multi-sensory organ that feels and senses everything that happens in its environment. And, as we often ignore, the skin constantly communicates with the brain thanks to the sensory receptors it contains.

When they are stimulated, particularly by gentle caresses, these sensory sensors produce a multitude of well-being molecules, endorphins known as "happiness hormones". These endorphins will help, relieve and relax the skin, IN DEEP. The skin will then transmit a message of calm to the brain and thus participate in the sleep process . Hence the importance of a fabric that gently stimulates the skin.

Soie blanche Benu Blanc The touch of the Benu Blanc silk is very particular thanks to its innovative weaving. The silk fibers are arranged in such a way that they resemble the surface of a baby's skin. Its unequalled softness, comparable to a caress, and its naturalness will promote, by a phenomenon called bio-affinity (= the skin tends to like what it knows), the release of molecules of well-being by the skin, these molecules essential to its relaxation and its recovery.

Every night, you will make your skin live a real yoga session and it will thank you for it 😉. And when it's good for the skin, it's good for the brain!

In addition, we have worked on pillow mists that use the properties of essential oils. Thanks to micro-encapsulation technology, these essential oils are micro-dosed. In the description of each mist, you will find the properties dedicated to the skin (purity for Orange Blossom, regeneration for Bergamot Mimosa, evenness of the complexion for Vetiver Wood). We will return in other articles on the aromachological and aromatherapy properties of essential oils for the skin.

How to optimize the hydration of your skin for the whole night? Drink two large glasses of water two hours before bedtime. Do your usual beauty protocol (makeup removal, cleansing, evening moisturizing, etc.), then :

  1. Spray the skincare mist of your choice on the Benu Blanc silk pillowcase
  2. Sleep serenely
  3. See for yourself when you wake up: your skin is really better moisturized.

The Silk Night ritual takes care of your skin in a simple, natural and effective way.

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