Hair: silk pillowcase and care mist, what are the benefits?

Among the many virtues of silk, an entirely natural fabric, the best hairdressers will tell you: silk takes care of your hair. How does it do that?

The silk pillowcase allows to respect the hydration of the hair. Did you know? Most fabrics absorb water molecules from our skin and hair. This dries out the hair while you sleep. Silk is a hydrophobic fabric: it does not absorb water and leaves your skin and hair well hydrated.

A silk pillowcase reduces friction on the hair. Silk fiber is less rough than most other textile fibers. Medium to long hair is less likely to tangle, so you won't need to tie it up to sleep. Split ends due to friction and dehydration disappear little by little.

Soie et cheveux : la fin des fourches

And add a treatment for my hair?

Here's how to go further and use the night to make a cosmetic care: the 100% naturalpillow mists based on essential oils will regulate the sebum, improve the shine of the hair or give it more hold.

How does it work?

Benu Blanc's R&D team has developed the microencapsulation by silk proteins (patented technology). Silk yarn has two essential proteins: sericin and fibroin. Before weaving, the silk thread is boiled, the sericin is then detached from the fibroin. It is this sericin that we use to create microcapsules. We then selected essential oils known for their beauty properties. They are encapsulated in the sericin. When the care mist is sprayed on the pillowcase, a bio-affinity is created: the sericin microcapsule finds the fibroin of the silk. The two silk proteins are reunited, a "molecular cocoon" is reconstituted.

What is the result for your hair? Throughout the night, the essential oils microencapsulated in sericin diffuse and care for your hair. All you have to do is choose the treatment that suits you best!

Brume de soin Bergamote Mimosa: pour les cheveux brillance, antipelliculaire, régulation du sébum

Bergamot Mimosa : Shine, Anti-dandruff, Sebum regulation (excess or deficiency)

Bergamot brings shine and anti-dandruff action to the hair. Ylang-ylang has a regulating action on sebum secretion (excess or deficiency). Sandalwood reduces itching of the scalp and dandruff.

Brume de soin Boisé Vétiver: action pour les cheveux anti cheveux gras, antipelliculaire, favorise la pousse des cheveux

Woody Vetiver : Anti oily hair, anti dandruff, promotes hair growth

Cedarwood helps fight against oily hair and dandruff. It also promotes hair growth. Sandalwood reduces itching of the scalp and dandruff.

Brume de soin fleur d'oranger, action pour les cheveux:  Régulation de la production de sébum, lutte contre les cheveux gras

Orange Blossom:Regulates sebum production, fights against greasy hair.

Lemon and Bergamot work together to regulate sebum production. The green mandarin reinforces this action, in particular against the fatty hair. Sandalwood reduces itching of the scalp and dandruff. Orange blossom: regulates sebum production, fights against greasy hair

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