Silk scrunchies to take care of your hair without slipping

You already have a routine for caring for your hair, but are you using the right accessories?

Silk scrunchies help you avoid the breakage of hair ties.

Granted, the shiny, satiny silk slips through your hair and forces you to re-style all day long. You won't have these problems with Benu Blanc hair scrunchies! Made in France with matte silk developed exclusively for Benu Blanc; and produced by Moute's expert scrunchie team, our scrunchies have a perfect hold.

Benu Blanc's matte silk comes from our concept of "beauty silk". We specialize in silk in cosmetics and textiles to offer you new beauty and well-being rituals.

Silk pampers: hair care, but how? moisturizing and anti-breakage

Silk is a natural fabric that is hydrophobic. It does not absorb the water contained in the cells of our body and our hair. To be healthy, our hair must maintain a good hydration. To better understand this, let's go back to the nature of hair. There are three main parts:
  • In the center of the hair: the medulla or medula. This central part of the shaft is composed of a soft, greasy substance.
  • Then the cortex: this very important part surrounds the center of the hair. The cortex is composed of long chains of keratin united by an intercellular cement rich in lipids and proteins.
  • And finally the cuticle: a thin protective outer layer, the cuticle plays a very important role in protecting and nourishing the hair. It is composed of cells in the form of scales that overlap each other.
When we tie our hair with classic elastics or cotton scrunchies for example (the best absorbent fabric), the fibers of the tie will have a drying effect by absorbing the water contained in the hair fiber; and also have a mechanical effect that "breaks" the hair.

A scrunchie thus allows to maintain the hydration of the cells of the hair fiber (by the hydrophobic nature of the silk fiber); and avoids the breaking effect of the usual fasteners.

Making a scrunchie: an expert job! The right length, the right elasticity and of course a silk that doesn't slip on the hair...

It was a meeting between the founders of Benu Blanc and the creator of Moute, Félicie, that brought the project of silk scrunchies.
But imagining a scrunchie means finding the right length for a nice result, a perfect grip for a good hold... In short, it's not that simple! Félicie is our scrunchie expert. By developing her own brand of hair accessories made of Moute fabrics (check out her instagram account Moute.lille to learn more) she has learned to identify the perfect length and hold that will suit all hair, even the finest

"The grip of a scrunchie is important: a scrunchie needs to hold in thick hair but also in fine, even very fine hair. This is where silk is difficult to use because traditional silk tends to slip," explains Félicie.

This is a problem that Benu Blanc's silk solves very simply: the beauty silk is a silk whose weaving technique allows a matte and non-slip finish. Oeko-Tex certified and made in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region (the cradle of French silk since the 14th century), Benu Blanc's silk has a cotton touch and allows the scrunchie to fit in the hair, while providing all the properties of silk.
Benu Blanc's silk scrunchies are made in collaboration with the Moute team. Made in France of course, and a little nod to female entrepreneurship ;-)

Complete your routine with silk care mists and pillowcase

In addition to a shampoo, conditioner and other care products adapted to your hair type, it is necessary to take into account what your hair is in contact with for 6 to 9 hours every day, or rather every night. Yes, your pillowcase...

A silk pillowcase will keep your hair moisturized all night and reduce friction. It's an essential addition to your hair care routine.

We recommend that you take advantage of the night to complete this routine with hair care mists to spray on the pillow. Why? So that all night long your hair benefits from the natural actives contained in Benu Blanc mists.
Benu Blanc has several patents including a microencapsulation technology with silk peptides. This allows to prolong the diffusion of natural active ingredients throughout the night.

Very simple: mist your pillow with a care mist, and all night long you will benefit from the prolonged action of the mist. For dry and brittle hair: we recommend the Chamomile Almond mist and the Ylang-ylang mist. To help balance the hair: Vetiver Wood, or Eucalyptus Tea Tree. And for shine: Bergamot Mimosa or Orange Blossom.

You will also have the beneficial effects for your skin and your well-being.
So don't hesitate! To have beautiful hair, adopt silk scrunchies, a silk pillowcase, and even better: a natural care mist with silk peptides, to spray on the pillow. A perfect combo for dreamy hair!

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