The Nuit de Soie ritual awarded by the Victoires de la Beauté!

The Victoires de la beauté award: what is it?

The Victoires de la beauté is THE iconic award of French glamour; it is the alliance of chic and rigor.

First of all, you have to know that it is an award given by independent consumers, selected for their consumption habits and their profile (age, gender, skin & hair type, etc.).

For the Benu Blanc team, it was an essential test coupled with a real challenge, aware of the risk of the "pass or fail": on the one hand because the Nuit de Soie ritual is innovative - therefore difficult to compare with other Beauty & Wellness products - and on the other hand because the products are completely anonymous . Indeed, the Victoires de la Beauté is the only award that tests products blind to avoid influencing the juries by the power of the brand and the elegance of the packaging.

The Victoires de la Beauté is a very strong sign of quality. The testing of the products is based on a period of tests in a real situation, i.e. in the intimacy of the bedroom, thus allowing for a longer and better adapted trial period. This is how the interest of the product, its quality of use and the satisfaction provided by its use are evaluated.

To obtain a global note higher than 6 is quite an achievement, Nuit de Soie obtains 7,64/10 which is really excellent!

Why did you decide to be evaluated by a consumer jury?

" For us, it was a question of showing that the benefits in terms of well-being and beauty were really there. Our ritual, involving the silk that we have developed especially to accommodate the care mists, is really different from all the classic offers on the market. We offer a comprehensive approach to wellness and beauty while you sleep." Fanny, co-founder.

We also suggested to Monadia[the organization that organizes the tests] to include men in the panel of testers because this ritual is not only for women. " We were very surprised to read the test results and see that there were many men among the consumer-testers! We thought it would be more difficult to get men to use our products, but the comments and results speak for themselves: men praise Nuit de Soie for its sensoriality, the soft and soothing effect, and the more restful sleep." Valerie, co-founder.

What is the overall result of the evaluation?

The best scores in the questionnaire part are found in the evaluation of the sensoriality of the product, the ease of use and the perception of effectiveness. These three criteria are all above 7/10.

In particular, when testers were asked if they would like to use this product again and if they would recommend it to a friend, Nuit de Soie received two clear and convinced "yes" votes. The innovative dimension is also well highlighted with 92% of the scores above 6/10 on this criterion.

What has been tested?

Benu Blanc gagne victoires beauté soin soie peau cheveux oreiller taie made in France The consumer-testers all received a ritual with a 100% silk Blanc des Nuages pillowcase in a square format (the square format is suitable for both square and rectangular pillows) with the Bergamote Mimosa mist. Bergamot-Mimosa is indeed the olfactory signature of Benu Blanc: it brings relaxation, skin care and hair shine. This mist evokes cleanliness, soft soap and a safe environment. It was designed to create a cocoon of softness for soothing nights and rejuvenated skin.

So, what do consumer-testers say in detail?

" Very soft and relaxing " (Jorice, 36)

" Top concept, the smell is very pleasant and enchanting. Soothes before bedtime "(Marie-Caroline, 55 years old)

" Restful night " (Marie, 41 years old)

" Extremely soft pillowcase " (Jean, 50 years old)

" Very good quality of the pillowcase, good smell and I feel like my skin has been softer ." (Elise, 56 years old)

For the innovative part, the consumers put forward " the association of essential oils and silk which allows a repairing and peaceful sleep ", " beautiful innovation " , " sensation of softness ", " Perfect and efficient product, top concept! ", " good interest for relaxation. I think that it calmed me because I fell asleep more quickly than usual ".

And what is the next step for Benu Blanc?

" We are already delighted that the multiple benefits of Nuit de Soie earned it a Victoire de la Beauté award. We are going to work to make our products known in France and internationally. At the same time, our R&D programs continue to advance. We have just filed a patent. So we are preparing some nice surprises for our community of users" Fanny, co-founder.

Want to know more?

Read here thestory of Benu Blanc, the article on acne, sensitive skin, aromatherapy, sleep, skin, beard, hair.

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