Silk pillowcase for hair and skin: the benefits of Nuit de Soie

Taie d'oreiller 100% pure soie de mûrier 25 mommes made in France certifiée Oeko-tex soin peau soin cheveux

Nuit de Soie, the beauty and well-being ritual is based on Benu Blanc's expertise in silk in cosmetics and textiles: when your 100% pure silk pillowcase and your beauty and well-being pillow mist transform your night into a treatment... Discover here all the secrets of this beauty and well-being ritual made in France.

Why sleep on a silk pillowcase and use a beauty and well-being pillow mist?

Benu Blanc combines a silk fiber and exclusive beauty and wellness pillow mists based on silk proteins to address a major issue: helping the skin to fully regenerate at night.

  • Promote her soothing to optimize her receptivity to the active ingredients,
  • take advantage of sleep to fill it with benefits,
  • to start its regeneration and to allow it to find, night after night, all its qualities of youth and beauty.

In a few words: what are the specificities of the Benu Blanc silk pillowcase?

taie oreiller 100% pure soie de mûrier made in France 25 mommes

The Benu White silk pillowcase is made from a 100% natural mulberry silk fiber, dense, soft, prodigiously comfortable, which weaves around the skin a real cocoon of beauty and well-being.

With a density of 25 mms, certified oeko-tex, its matt weave makes it a truly unique pillowcase.

What are beauty and well-being pillow mists?

Brume d'oreiller beauté bien-être soie séricine 100% naturelle aromathérapie made in France

The beauty and well-being pillow mists are micropearled, 100% natural, multi-sensorial, with active ingredients encapsulated in silk proteins for a prolonged action up to 8 hours. They are to be sprayed every night on the silk pillowcase at bedtime.

How does it work? Benu Blanc recreates the silk cocoon for your night

Cocon soie taie oreiller 25 mommes pure soie made in France brume oreiller beauté bien-être naturelle aromathérapie fabriqué en France

Silk is naturally composed of two molecular strands, fibroin and sericin. To obtain the silk thread, we separate these two components. The fibroin, once spun and woven, becomes the textile, the silk. Sericin is used in the beauty and well-being pillow mist to microencapsulate the active cosmetics that are diffused throughout the night (patented technology).

The main idea of the Benu Blanc brand was to combine the two components of the silk cocoon - fibroin and sericin - to createa real molecular cocoon active on the skin throughout the night.

When the mist is sprayed on the pillowcase, the fibroin and sericin, natural components of the silk cocoon, are brought back into contact, they recognize each other and unite again, in a virtuous alliance that fills the skin with benefits.

  • A molecular cocoon: Sericin acts as a molecular cocoon that protects the aromatherapy molecules and gradually releases them. The microencapsulation prolongs the effects of its active ingredients.
  • A patent: This patent defines a technology
    of encapsulation based on silk protein (sericin) allowing the prolongation of the presence of olfactory and aromatic molecules on woven supports.
  • Micro-dosed essential oils: Essential oils are particularly active. Thanks to the natural microencapsulation, specific to Benu Blanc, they can be microdosed, which considerably reduces the risks of allergy, and allows to offer their natural
    efficiency even to the most sensitive skins.

Benu White silk pillowcase: every morning your skin is more beautiful

Taie d'oreiller 100% pure soie de mûrier 25 mommes made in France certifiée Oeko-tex soin peau soin cheveux

The Benu Blanc pillowcase has been thought as a cosmetic care and not as a bed linen: it is not only a support for the care mists, it plays an active role in the it plays an active role in its own right.

The cutaneous sensory sensors feel the softness of the silk, its caress. It is a tactile pleasure, derived from the textile itself. They send a message to the brain, which then secretes molecules favorable to relaxation. The body relaxes. Sleep is better, deeper... But above all, these molecules contribute to a deep myorelaxation of the cutaneous tissues, like a yoga of the face. The skin relaxes. It becomes smooth.

Pillowcase 100% mulberry silk, the most noble

The silk selected by Benu Blanc is 100% natural. Hydrophobic, unlike cotton which is hydrophilic, it does not alter the
hydric balance of the skin, does not dry it, respects its protective film. It is naturally hypoallergenic. It combines the richness of silk with the touch of cotton, for a soft and comforting caress that lasts all night, for months.

Pillowcase made of silk of exceptional weight and density: 112 g/M2, 25 mms

Made in France, with all the know-how of excellence of the French craft industry, according to the traditional weaving techniques of the silk manufacturers of Lyon, this silk, in contact with the skin, favors the cellular renewal.

A silk pillowcase in a particular weave

The silk used by Benu Blanc benefits from a specific technique developed by the French weaver partner of the brand, to ensure a perfect affinity between the silk fiber of the pillowcase and the silk proteins contained
in the care mists. When they are deposited on the textile, they create a kind of "molecular cocoon", which allows to micro-dose the natural active ingredients and to diffuse them longer.

A 100% silk pillowcase with a simple, sober and elegant aspect

Benu white pillowcases offer the luxurious sensuality of dense matte silk to create a comfortable cocoon for the skin and to harmonize with all decors.

Beauty and well-being pillow mists: regeneration boosters

Brume d'oreiller beauté bien-être soie séricine 100% naturelle aromathérapie made in France cosmétique naturelle

By mobilizing the skin's sensory sensors throughout the night, Benu White Beauty & Wellness Pillow Mists fulfill their role of regeneration, beauty and well-being to the fullest.

Santalol, a natural active ingredient that boosts the skin's regenerative capacities

The skin's olfactory sensors react to sandalwood, an essential oil of sandalwood present in all formulations. The energy potential of skin cells is boosted, their natural metabolism is amplified, the production of skin structure molecules is promoted, with an effect on collagen and elastin. Skin regeneration is at its maximum.
Night after night, the skin rebuilds itself, for a more
youthful, radiant appearance.

Active and sensory pillow mists to fill the skin

A cloud of Bergamot pillow mist on the Benu Blanc silk pillowcase, at night, before going to sleep helps to find sleep and deep relaxation. The next day, when you wake up, your skin is more beautiful and smooth. And, as a bonus, shinier hair.

A range of 8 beauty and well-being pillow mists:

  • Regenerating Bergamot
  • Calming chamomile
  • Purifying Eucalyptus
  • Serene orange blossom
  • Soothing cleanser
  • Balancing Patchouli
  • Restful Vetiver
  • Protective Ylang-ylang

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