PARENTS Magazine Expert Award for Silk Eye Care

Benu Blanc's eye care, innovative in its silk-based formula and innovative in its use with the eye serum and the 100% silk mask, has won the PARENTS magazine prize awarded by the editorial experts. Why did they win? For its innovation, effectiveness, safety and ethics; but also because it's a mom's story.

Valerie, mother of two boys and co-founder of Benu Blanc, proposed to participate in the Parents Award. "I was a mom again in March 2020, at the time we were testing the prototypes and formula for the silky serum. Within weeks of giving birth, I had to go back into labor. And I vividly remember one night when my son had a bottle at 3am. He went right back to sleep, but I did not. I remember trying to get back to sleep, thinking "I have to sleep or I'll be exhausted tomorrow and I have a lot of meetings! Of course, in those moments, the more you want to sleep, the less you can do it. Already 4:30 am... I grabbed the silky serum, I put it on, and I put the silk mask on my eyes. And then I let go. It soothed me, and I fell asleep... like a baby! The next morning my features were rested and I was able to go about my entire workday without anyone noticing a tired look on my face."

Prix parents soin contour des yeux

For Valerie, beyond the cosmetic care of the silk-based eye serum, the mask allowed her to really relax, feel soothed and get out of the spiral of insomnia. And many parents will recognize that moment when you feel very alone in the middle of the night, and despite being tired you can't relax anymore. This is also why the Benu Blanc team recognizes itself in the Parents magazine community and wanted to share with them this care that does so much good.

The PARENTS award is a committee of cosmetic experts who sift through the products in their evaluation grid. They go in depth on 4 main criteria:

  • Innovation: combining the silk mask with a silk-based serum increases the moisturizing and regenerating effect of the silk on the skin tenfold. In terms of use, the mask relaxes the muscles around the eyes for a very important well-being effect for parents of children who have short nights.
  • Effectiveness: the silky eye serum and the silk mask have been independently and objectively tested for their effectiveness. The clinical test analysis report was analyzed in depth. The committee particularly noted the objective measurements made on the hydration of the eye contour and the anti-aging effect. The tests on the volunteers show an exceptional anti-aging effect, all the more interesting since the formula of the care is 100% natural. In 28 nights of use, the crow's feet wrinkle is reduced by 24%.
  • Innocuousness: this criterion is essential for the experts. The winning products of the PARENTS award must absolutely be safe. The serum's formula is 100% natural and the Benu Blanc silk is oeko-tex certified (free of toxic substances): the cosmetic and textile tests demonstrate the safety of the care ritual. The Yuka score for the eye contour is 100/100.
  • Ethics: The jury of experts particularly appreciated Benu Blanc's choice to create the French cosmetic silk industry. The brand is committed through its partnerships to revive the production of silk in France for use in cosmetics. It is even the driving force behind several R&D programs and holds several patents. For the text part, the 100% silk fabric of Benu Blanc is woven and made in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.

The prize Parents of the experts of the editorial staff is therefore a nice recognition for the beauty and well-being ritual of Benu Blanc. Especially, for parents who have short nights, this care can be saving moments of soothing, rest, and care of the look. The aftermath of short nights is no longer necessarily synonymous with dark circles and drawn features!

Prix parents contour des yeux

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Yuka score 100/100

Eye contour care

The eye serum has a Yuka score of 100/100.

Safety is at the heart of Benu Blanc's technological developments. Regard de Soie, the ritual that combines the silky eye serum and the 100% silk mask made in France, the serum is 100% natural, the silk is Oeko-Tex certified (free of harmful substances).