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Evening beauty routine: cell regeneration boosted by silk

The night is the time dedicated to cell regeneration. To optimize this regeneration, the skin needs to be in the best possible conditions. In contact with an absorbent fabric, such as cotton or linen, the skin - which is 70% water - dries out. The natural regeneration processes do not allow an optimal cellular renewal. Benu Blanc silk, contrary to all other fibers, allows to preserve the hydration of the skin, and to activate the sensory sensors contained in the cells of the skin. Your cosmetic care will thus be able to develop all its potential, to nourish, smooth, and tone the skin.

Silk pillowcase and concentrated natural collagen serum: An evening routine to boost the effectiveness of skin care

Benu Blanc and Dermoioniq, collagen specialist, propose an exceptional collaboration by associating Dermoioniq's concentrated smoothing and plumping serum with Benu Blanc's silk pillowcase.

The idea of combining this serum and the silk pillowcase is to maximize skin regeneration and fight against the signs of aging. The smoothing and plumping serum is enriched with hyaluronic acid that reinforces the power of Sweet Water Collagen® and stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen and allows a deeper penetration of the active ingredients.

The Benu Blanc silk is woven in France according to an exclusive technique: it allows to obtain a matt and non-slippery silk. This technique has been developed for Benu Blanc, and uses all the exceptional know-how developed in France since the 14th century. The Benu Blanc silk pillowcase is Oeko-tex certified and machine washable. It is made in a French workshop labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant.

Evening beauty routine: when the night becomes care

In the evening, cleanse your face and apply L Le Concentré smoothing and plumping serum. Rub it in with a gentle massage of the face. You will immediately feel the lifting effect on the skin and the oval of the face. Sleep on the Benu Blanc silk pillowcase: all night long the plumping treatment will continue to act on your skin.

A collaboration to highlight the made in France, product excellence and exceptional scientific advances

The first common point of Benu Blanc and Dermoioniq? Benu Blanc and Dermoioniq are two brands committed to the made in France. Benu Blanc in Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, historical land of French silk; and Dermoioniq in New Aquitaine for the production of fresh water collagen, an exclusive product of Dermoioniq's research.

Beyond the made in France concept, the two brands share a strong commitment to product excellence: to provide prestigious beauty and well-being treatments, formulated from recognized active ingredients and exceptional natural components.

Finally,skincare effectiveness and technological innovation are at the heart of each brand's scientific research. Benu Blanc has a portfolio of patents focused on the properties of silk, and develops its original concept of beauty silk in technological innovations for beauty and well-being. Dermoioniq is recognized for the development of fresh water collagen: by mastering the entire production and extraction process, Dermonioniq manages to obtain compositions containing up to 30% of collagen actives, a rate unique in the world.

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