The ideal night routine, skin and hair care

Because skin care, hair care and wellness are for us a global approach (holistic beauty), we decided to collaborate with Purally, the French brand expert in anti-polluaging care.

The perfect nighttime routine: cleansing, moisturizing, silk pillowcase and misting

Cleanse your skin well every night

Purally products are designed to take care of our skin with natural and effective ingredients. We have tested and adopted the Granité 2.5 PM cleanser The texture is very pleasant, and above all it leaves the skin clean and without tightness. The Granité PM 2.5 cleanses the skin of impurities, excess sebum and polluting particles accumulated during the day.

 Taie d'oreiller 100% pure soie oeko-tex made in france 25 mommes brumes soin peau acné soin cheveux chute gras secs crépus aromathérapie naturelle bien-être mieux dormir hydratation cadeau noël femme homme fête des mères sommeil peau sèche anti-rides brillance relaxation huiles essentielles

Moisturize and protect with a regenerating night cream

Purally's night cream mask is the ideal ally for dehydrated skin lacking vitality. It recharges the cells with antioxidant vitamins, soothing and moisturizing ingredients to fully rebuild the skin after a day exposed to external aggressions. It can be used in a thin layer as a night cream, or in a thick layer as a night mask.

The silk pillowcase for your cosmetics to work more effectively on your skin

This is where the collaboration with Benu Blanc comes into its own: your skin is well cleaned, moisturized with a natural and very high quality cosmetic care. By sleeping on your Benu Blancsilk pillowcase your cosmetic care stays on your skin - it is not absorbed by the cotton of a pillowcase. This is because silk fibers are hydrophobic and do not absorb water from your cells, nor your night cream.

The care mist to spray on the pillow for the well-being, skin and hair care all night long

The Benu Blanc care mist will allow you to add a moment of well-being and a hair care to this beauty routine: the aromatic actives (micro-dosed essential oils) are optimized by the silk peptides (Benu Blanc patents). The skin, hair and well-being care is diffused all night long. The Bergamot Mimosa mist will bring you skin regeneration, hair shine, and easier sleep. You can choose from the entire range of natural pillow mists the one that best suits your beauty and well-being needs.

Your night : your best beauty routine

With this beauty routine: PM2.5 cleanser and Purally night cream with 100% pure silk pillowcase and a Benu Blanc care mist, your skin recharges cells with antioxidant vitamins, soothing and moisturizing actives to fully rebuild itself after a day exposed to external aggressions. When you wake up, your skin is protected, hydrated, recharged and rested.

You are naturally beautiful every time you wake up.

Soin visage hydratation nettoyage routine soir beauté taie d'oreiller 100% pure soie de mûrier 25 mommes made in France soin huiles essentielles aromathérapie benu blanc

Benu Blanc x Purally contest

Until June 30, for any purchase on our website, try to win a Purally box containing the PM 2.5 granite care and the Purally night cream mask. The winner will be drawn at random.

Beyond the beauty routine, two French brands committed to natural cosmetics and made in France

Purally and Benu Blanc are also united in their values: for natural cosmetics, clean beauty, efforts on ingredients and packaging. The whole value chain of our products is thought to minimize our impact on the planet.

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