Sensitive skin: the benefits of a silk pillowcase

Does your skin react instantly (and disproportionately) to certain products or situations? It may be sensitive and reactive. It is therefore necessary to treat it with care products that respect its sensitivity and to be very gentle so as not to "traumatize" it further by sleeping on rough or overly absorbent fabrics.

What exactly is sensitive skin?

Benu Blanc soie peau sensible aromathérapie soin naturel fabriqué en France

Sensitive skin is hyper-reactive skin that is prone to tingling, heating, tingling and itching, sometimes accompanied by redness. These sensations of discomfort appear in an exacerbated way in reaction to stimuli that would not trigger irritation on normal skin.

What factors sensitize the skin?

This hyper-sensitivity of the skin results from a decrease in its tolerance threshold. The more sensitive the skin, the lower its tolerance threshold.

It can be explained by various factors:

  • An alteration of the barrier function of the epidermis. This phenomenon then favors a dehydration of the skin and especially the penetration of potentially irritating agents.
  • An inflammatory reaction that develops in contact with irritating chemical substances such as certain soaps, household detergents or pollution.
  • Psychological factors such as stress.
  • Hormonal factors (menstrual cycle, menopause).
  • Physical factors: sun, temperature changes (hot/cold), wind, air conditioning, heating, hard water

    Why sleep on silk when you have reactive skin?

    The most aggravating phenomenon of sensitive and reactive skin is its dehydration.

    Sleeping on Benu Blanc silk guarantees to these reactive skins to keep their good hydration because, we remind you, silk has this incredible property to be hydrophobic, that is to say that it does not absorb water, water which is present at 70% in our skin cells!

    Moreover, the antiseptic and anti-mite properties protect these sensitive skins from allergenic and inflammatory substances that can accumulate in fabrics of vegetable origin (cotton, linen...) easily colonized by micro-organisms and parasites.

    Benu Blanc silk goes even further in the respect of these skins to be pampered

    In addition to being soft as a caress, Benu Blanc silk is Oeko-Tex certified. The Oeko-Tex certification brings all the guarantees on the quality of the textile and the accessories used in the manufacture of the thread until the finished product. Free of substances harmful to health and the environment, Benu Blanc silk ensures total respect for reactive skin.

    What about essential oils?

    They can also participate in the care of the skin in a natural way. Roman chamomile is the star of EO for sensitive skin: it is known to calm reactive and irritated skin. It also soothes itching and eczema, and promotes tissue regeneration by acting on the epidermis and dermis, on fibroblasts and collagen. Brumisée on the pillow, it will bring a continuous care while being microdosed.

    In addition to creams and other skin care products, there is a ritual to adopt to take care of reactive skin: spray a mist of Roman chamomile-based skin care on your silk pillowcase and go to sleep. Simple and natural!

    J’avais acquis une taie d’oreiller 19 mommes en satin mais après avoir acheté une taie BENU BLANC j’ai pu constater la différence:

    rien de commun avec la taie précédente que je retrouvais toujours toujours chiffonnée et glissante !
    Outre le plaisir du contact avec la soie de la taie BENU BLANC, mes cheveux fins et fragiles ainsi que ma peau sèche sont hydratés au fur et à mesure de mes nuits et la brume est délicieuse .

    C’est vrai que l’on est vraiment mieux, que de dormir sur de la soie… la soie de Benu blanc est exceptionnelle !
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