And for you gentlemen? Smooth skin, soft beard and manageable hair are the goals

But above all, keep it simple, natural and effective!

Gentlemen, is cosmetic care too complex? Are you one of those men whose beauty ritual consists of a good soaping in the shower and eventually using the moisturizer of Madame when your skin is tight? Or are you one of those men who know how to maintain their beauty capital? We have thought of you all, without exception!

Oh the beard! Yes, but well moisturized. Moisturized all along the hair, that's what gives it its softness and natural shine. Did you know that maintaining hydration is the first virtue of silk? Unlike cotton, which "pumps" water, silk is composed of a polymer of entirely natural proteins that are hydrophobic. With a silk pillowcase, the hydration of your beard is optimal. Moreover, the contact with silk is particularly soft, so no more irritations and ingrown hairs that make you suffer so much!

But you don't like shiny, satiny, slippery silk? We don't either! The Benu White pillowcase may be 100% silk, but it has a matte aspect and it does not slip, hence its incomparable comfort. Its weight is high, more than 25 mms, and its quality is exceptional, French style.

Beautiful hair, easy to style and shiny... naturally. Here again, we know that hair is a concern for men. The care mist, which is sprayed on the pillowcase before bedtime, is composed ofmicro-dosed essential oils. Each mist has its own hair care action based on aromatherapy and aromachology:

  • Bergamot Mimosa: Shine, anti-dandruff, sebum regulation (excess or deficiency)
  • Woody Vetiver: regulation of excess sebum, anti-dandruff, promotes hair growth
  • Orange Blossom: regulates sebum production and fights against greasy hair

For more information on mists and hair, click here.

Sleeping on silk also helps fight against hair loss! Silk is very smooth and soft. It limits friction during sleep. Less friction means less hair loss when you wake up.

Soie et peau douce homme

A baby's skin, thanks to silk and care mists: our skin is composed of more than 70% of water.

    The hydrophobic action of the silk allows to respect thehydration at best. Add to this a mist, and you make your night a real face care

    . Here again, each mist has its own specific action.

      • For small marks on the skin, prefer Boisé Vétiver. See Boise Vetiver
      • For healing and regeneration, choose Bergamot Mimosa.
      • For skin purity, Orange Blossom is just right.

      And above all, it remains simple. Once you put the Benu Blanc silk pillowcase on your pillow, it will take you three seconds each night to take care of your beard, hair and skin. Let the night do the rest... Three sprays on your pillow and go to sleep. That's it! When you wake up, take note.

      Icing on the cake: if you have trouble falling asleep, the care mists are particularly suitable. But that was a lot for one article. You can read here how to sleep better with essential oils, and it's 100% natural...

      To conclude, what does the magazine Monsieur say ? "It's time for good resolutions... Rather than considering the ones you won't keep, adopt next year's chic gimmicks: [...] Sleep on a Benu Blanc silk pillow!

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