Ylang-ylang, the legend and the benefits of the flower of love

Do you know the legend of the Ylang-ylang? A long, long time ago in the Philippines, parents gave birth to a beautiful little girl. The gods bent over her cradle and gave her the name Ylang. But they demanded that no one ever touch her. Ylang grew up to be a beautiful girl of breathtaking beauty. One day, she fell madly in love with a young man. He loved her back and gave her a bouquet of the prettiest flowers he could find. When he gave it to her, their fingers touched and fate changed Ylang into a beautiful shrub with very fragrant flowers. It is said that since that day, the lover seeks his beloved by shouting his name: Ylang, Ylang ...

The essential oil of Ylang-ylang, relaxation and summer smell

Ylang-ylang keeps an imprint of this legend in many cultures where it is known as an aphrodisiac essential oil... it would give the "power" to attract men to oneself! But in a care mist, what will it bring us? Theessential oil of Ylang-ylang promotes the release and relaxation. Spray it on your pillow and you will feel like you are under the shelter of tropical trees, resting while listening to the lapping of the water in a lagoon. Smell this summer breeze that will make you travel far, far away from everyday life!

Ylang-ylang, a treatment for dry, damaged, brittle, wavy or curly hair

In beauty care for hair, Ylang-ylang is a good hair tonic. This EO regulates sebum and calms itching. It slows down hair loss, especially if the problem is related to pollution or stress. Moreover, Ylang-ylang has a protective action for dry and damaged hair. For the skin, Ylang-ylang is used for the sebum regulation for oily skin with acne. This EO also reduces expression lines.

Studies have[1] have demonstrated the effectiveness of Ylang-ylang EO on stress management thanks to its relaxing effect: after transdermal penetration, skin temperature, respiratory and heart rates drop, as well as blood pressure. These four factors are all involved in our body's reaction to stress.

Take a deep breath to escape with the sunny scent of Ylang-ylang!

A little extra info: you'll also find Ylang-ylang in the Bergamot Mimosa and Chamomile Almond pillow mists. And always 100% natural.

Ylang Ylang Brume de soins Benu Blanc

[1]Hongratanaworakit T., Buchbauer G., 2006, Relaxing effect of ylang ylang oil on humans after transdermal absorption, Phytother Res., Sep. 20(9)758-63

Hongratanaworakit T., Buchbauer G., 2004, Evaluation of the harmonizing effect of ylang-ylang oil on humans after inhalation, Plata Med. Jul. 70(7): 632-6

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