Silk beauty accessories

Discover the beauty and wellness accessories made of silk by Benu Blanc. Scrunchies, mask, pouch... silk accessories made in France.

Chouchous 100% soie
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Set of 2 silk scrunchies

29,00€ 35,00€
Masque soie france
pochette soie france
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Silk clutch made in France

12,00€ 29,00€
pochette soie france
carte cadeau soie

Gift Cards

From 50,00€
sac cadeau soie
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Prestige gift paper bag

1,00€ 2,00€
Beauty silk made in France


Here are some other accessories, always made in France with a lot of love: silk scrunchies that take care of your hair and don't slip, mini-pockets and silk pouches with satin ribbon, and a small series of protective masks.

As always, we put a lot of love into each product, and want to reveal the French skills in silk, both in weaving and making, and in cosmetics.

France (EUR €)