Night beauty and well-being pillow mists

Benu Blanc's pillow mists are exceptional. They use a patented technology of microencapsulation with silk peptides. All night long, the natural aromatic actives are released to bring you skin care, hair care and well-being. And it's 100% natural.

Lot de 4 brumes d'oreiller 100% naturelles huiles essentielles soin peau cheveux sommeil bien-être
Save 32%

Set of 4 beauty and well-being pillow mists

79,00€ 116,00€
Brume oreiller huile essentielle Rose
Save 40%

Rose Positivante Pillow Mist

17,40€ 29,00€
Brume d'oreiller huile essentielle lavande
Save 40%

Soothing Lavender Pillow Mist

17,40€ 29,00€
Brume d'oreiller huile essentielle bergamote
Save 20%

Regenerating Bergamot Pillow Mist

23,20€ 29,00€
Brume d'oreiller huile essentielle camomille romaine
Save 40%

Calming Chamomile Pillow Mist

17,40€ 29,00€
Brume d'oreiller huile essentielle eucalyptus
Save 20%

Purifying Eucalyptus Pillow Mist

23,20€ 29,00€
Brume d'oreiller huile essentielle fleur d'oranger
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Serene Orange Blossom Pillow Mist

23,20€ 29,00€
Brume d'oreiller huile essentielle patchouli énergie vitale et équilibre peau et cheveux 100% naturelle
Save 30%

Balancing Patchouli Pillow Mist

20,30€ 29,00€
Brume d'oreiller huile essentielle vétiver repos et anti-oxydation peau et cheveux 100% naturel
Save 30%

Restful Vetiver Pillow Mist

20,30€ 29,00€
Brume d'oreiller huile essentielle ylang ylang
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Protective Ylang-ylang pillow mist

23,20€ 29,00€

Beauty and well-being pillow mists

The beauty and well-being pillow mists, 100% natural, multi-sensorial, with active ingredients encapsulated in silk proteins for a prolonged action up to 8 hours in a row, help to fall asleep and find a deep relaxation.

The essential oils, microdosed, that they contain have all been selected for their benefits. The olfactory sensors of the skin react to sandalwood, an essential oil of sandalwood present in all formulations. The energy potential of skin cells is boosted, their natural metabolism is amplified, the production of skin structure molecules is promoted, with an effect on collagen and elastin. Skin regeneration is at its maximum. Night after night, the skin is rebuilt, for a younger, more radiant appearance.

The pillow mists are to be sprayed every night on the Benu White silk pillowcase at bedtime. We recommend 4-5 sprays for a softly scented pillow.

Flowery, woody, light or enveloping ...

How to choose your beauty and well-being pillow mist?

Perhaps you already have an essential oil of choice? The bewitching rose, the soothing orange tree, the elegant woody vetiver, or the heart-warming patchouli?

You can choose your scented pillow mist based on its scent, or based on the properties you are looking for for your skin and hair. The table below summarizes the properties of each mist. They are all the same price, but perform different functions.

You can change the mist every night: the diffusion is total and complete after 8 hours.


 Personnalisez votre soin bien-être et beauté avec la brume de votre choix !

Peau Cheveux
Bergamote régénérante Régénération cutanée Brillance et régulation Calme, relaxation
Camomille calmante Calme les peaux sensibles Protection des cheveux abîmés Paix intérieure et lâcher-prise
Eucalyptus respirant Netteté Equilibre Respiration
Fleur d'oranger sérénisante Pureté du teint, action anti-âge Régulation de l'excès de sébum Diminue le stress, sérénité
Lavande apaisante Cicatrisation Apaise le cuir chevelu Calme profond
Patchouli équilibrant Anti-acné, Anti-âge Freine la chute de cheveux Energie vitale, anxiété
Rose positivante Régénération cutanée Fortifie les cheveux Gestion des émotions
Vétiver reposant Anti-oxydation et harmonie Pellicules et démangeaisons Repos psychologique
Ylang-ylang protecteur Lutte contre les troubles cutanés soin cheveux secs ou frisés  Volupté
Le coffret de 4 brumes d'oreiller

Transformer chaque soir le temps du coucher

Vous pouvez alterner les brumes d'oreiller pour parfumer vos draps, votre lit, votre chambre avec une fragrance qui sied à votre besoin.

Régulièrement, en fonction des saisons et des produits best-sellers, nous renouvellons le stock coffret de 4 brumes. Aimez-vous les fleurs stars de la provence ? ou plutôt les senteurs douces proches du coton ? un bouquet printannier, une balade en forêt ? Trouvez chaque soir votre bonheur, chaque produit est différent et correspond à un besoin spécifique.

Huiles essentielles et brumes d'oreiller

Rendre les brumes d'oreiller actives avec les huiles essentielles

Les ingrédients contenus dans une brume d'oreiller peuvent être actifs ou inactifs. Benu Blanc a choisi la naturalité ainsi que les propriétés des huiles essentielles. Chaque huile essentielle a une activité spécifique : la lavande de Provence est particulièrement cicatrisante et apaisante ; l'huile essentielle de fleur d'oranger est très apaisante ; l'huile essentielle de rose est un excellent anti-âge pour la peau. Ces actifs stars sont entièrement naturels. En plus de leur parfum, ils vont aider à entrer dans une phase de sommeil. Votre lit et vos draps deviennent un cocon de bien-être. Le parfum de la brume d'oreiller choisie va répandre ses notes douces, offrir un bouquet de senteurs agréables, et dévoiler des notes et un corps qui vont vous apaiser.

Night scents

How to create a night fragrance?

It is first of all a research work to choose the essential oils according to their properties. Lavender essential oil is known for healing, orange blossom for its anti-aging effect, patchouli for its effect on acne, sweet orange for its ability to calm, etc.

Then, it is a nose, a professional of the perfumery, specialized in the natural assemblies, which will work the olfactive pyramid of the pillow mist. The perfume must be suitable for this specific use: the fragrance must have a soft and pleasant smell to delicately envelop the sleep with its top, heart and bottom notes.

Finally, it is in a cosmetics laboratory that the formulation is refined to offer you healthy, natural ingredients that will accompany your sleep and optimize the benefits for your skin and hair.

High quality products

A simple and natural use thought for you

More than a spray, the Benu Blanc pillow mists spray a cloud of well-being and softness. It is a choice linked to the microencapsulation technology: the composition of the perfumed mist is preserved in organic alcohol, which avoids other preservatives.

As soon as you spray the mist on your pillows, the organic alcohol evaporates: the silk proteins then microencapsulate the aromatic actives. Less than two minutes after spraying, you already get a dry touch of your pillows.

A 50 ml bottle of scented mist contains about 350 sprays: that is two to three months of use every night.

Your scented pillow is part of your sleep routine.

The pillow mist adopted by Le Figaro

Belles de Nuit

"To reduce fatigue, the new evening rituals promote sleep and mimic the effects of a good night's sleep on the skin. [...]

The active cosmetic ingredients are therefore in charge of stimulating our cells and mimicking the effect of a fully restorative night on the complexion with the help of energizing ingredients: sandalwood essential oil at Benu Blanc. [...]

To be sprayed on its coordinating silk pillowcase, this Benu Blanc mist with essential oils and silk proteins relaxes but also helps the skin regenerate."

In the recommendations of Avantages magazine

Smooth out the features, give yourself a fresh complexion

"The new must-have for a fresh face in the morning?

This relaxing treatment mist to spray on your silk pillowcase. The ultra-silky pillowcase provides shinier hair and less pillow residue through friction.

Thanks to the mist, rich in silk peptides and sandalwood essential oil with anti-stress notes, the skin is better regenerated and the night more serene."

The benefits of natural pillow mists

Pillow mists are first of all a source of well-being through an important sense: olfaction. Smelling a scent triggers emotions in the brain, but also the production of molecules and messages that will condition your well-being.

Synthetic or natural pillow mist? Synthetic pillow mists generally last longer on pillows, bed linen or in the bedroom, but they are based on chemical compounds, more or less transformed. They have no specific properties for the well-being, the skin or the hair, except for the olfactory reaction related to the emotions.

Natural pillow mists, on the other hand, are based on aromatherapy: on the known and recognized power of essential oils and hydrolats for well-being, skin and hair. In general, a natural pillow mist does not last as long as a synthetic mist on linen or as a room fragrance. This is where the technology of microencapsulation with silk proteins is interesting: the silk microencapsulates the natural active ingredients and will release them gradually and all night long on your pillow.

When the house becomes a cocoon

From home fragrance to night care

The night is the best time to rest and recharge your batteries. It is also the time when your skin regenerates. It is from this observation that we created the house Benu Blanc: we use silk in cosmetics and textiles to transform your night into a care of well-being and beauty.

Our very first product was a natural and soft pillow mist made of silk proteins and aromatherapy. Combined with our silk pillowcases, woven and made in France, the mists bring you all their benefits. At night, the silk and the aromatic active ingredients help moisturize and regenerate your skin and hair. Your starry dreams bring you beauty.

Benu Blanc silk pillow mists and pillowcases have won three awards: a beauty victory, two Indies & Beauty Tech awards in the categories of top innovation and beauty and well-being care.

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