Boxes with beauty silk made in France

Silk is a natural material with infinite potential. Benu Blanc pioneered the concept of beauty silk: using all of silk's wonderful potential to create innovative rituals for your beauty and well-being.

Benu Blanc's first ritual is an award-winning bestseller: Nuit de soie. Nuit de Soie combines the silk pillowcase with the silk microbead pillow mists.

Discover here the boxes and beauty and well-being routines around the S.O.I.E :

Sensoriality, Originality, Innovation and Efficiency.

coffret tentation soie
Save 39%
coffret révélation de soie
Save 37%
Coffret sublimation de soie
Save 30%
4 brumes d'oreiller huiles essentielles
Save 32%

Set of 4 beauty and well-being pillow mists

79,00€ 116,00€
Taie d'oreiller en soie made in France
Save 23%

Square white silk pillowcase + mist

99,00€ 129,00€
Coffret Benu Blanc Mi-Rê
Save 28%

Beauté de Soi(e) : Benu Blanc & Mi-Rê

139,00€ 194,00€
Taie d'oreiller carrée soie bleue france et brume oreiller bien-être sommeil
Save 23%

Blue silk pillow case + mist

99,00€ 129,00€
Taie oreiller 100% soie blanche carrée brume oreiller naturelle made in France
Save 23%

Square white silk pillowcase + mist

99,00€ 129,00€
Taie oreiller soie rouge du soir brume aromathérapie sommeil France
Save 50%
Taie oreiller soie gris de la nuit coffret cadeau brume bergamote
Save 23%

Square silk pillowcase set Grey + mist

99,00€ 129,00€
Taie d'oreiller en soie bienfaits hommes cheveux peau barbe brume bien-être
Save 23%

Rectangular blue silk pillowcase + mist

99,00€ 129,00€
Taie d'oreiller 100% pure soie de mûrier blanc format carré et brume aromathérapie
Save 23%

Rectangular white silk pillowcase + mist

99,00€ 129,00€
Taie d'oreiller 100% soie gris rectangulaire et brume bergamote made in France
Save 23%

Rectangular silk pillow case + mist

99,00€ 129,00€
Lot 2 taies oreiller soie et brume oreiller
Save 25%

Duo Box 2 square silk pillowcases + mist

149,00€ 199,00€
Save 10%
Masque soie sérum contour des yeux made in France
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Chouchous 100% soie
Save 17%

Set of 2 silk scrunchies

29,00€ 35,00€
Soin visage peau taie oreiller soie
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sac cadeau soie
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Prestige gift paper bag

1,00€ 2,00€
carte cadeau soie

Gift Cards

From 50,00€
pochette soie france
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Silk clutch made in France

12,00€ 29,00€
Nuit de Soie : first beauty pillowcase

100% silk pillowcase and pillow mist

Nuit de Soie combines an oeko-tex certified mulberry silk pillowcase with exclusive silk protein-based beauty and well-being pillow mists to gently help the skin regenerate fully at night and provide you with a natural well-being treatment.

Nuit de Soie won a Victoire de la Beauté in the Top Innovation categoryand two CosmeticMag Awards in the Beauty and Wellness category. It is the first and only silk pillowcase to have received cosmetic awards.

The benefits of silk for the skin and hair

Silk is an activator of the cutaneous sensory sensors

This is the first observation at the origin of Benu Blanc: the skin has many sensors at the service of all its senses.

The idea at the heart of the scientific approach is to always bring together the two components of the silk cocoon - fibroin and sericin - to create an active molecular cocoon effect on the skin to enhance its regeneration.

Benu Blanc's entire scientific approach explores and develops the best that silk has to offer. The company holds a portfolio of innovative patents in textile and cosmetic applications of silk.

Benu Blanc also has a strategic alliance with Sericyne, the only French silk manufacturer, to offer you ever more innovative beauty and well-being routines.

The benefits of silk for sensitive, reactive or problem skin

Silk takes care of your skin

The skin needs to use the time of sleep to regenerate itself. Silk and the beauty and well-being pillow mists provide all the elements necessary for this regeneration thanks to the properties of silk (hydrophobic, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial and anti-mite), and to the aromatic actives contained in the pillow mists. The silk pillowcase is much more than a household linen, it is a beauty care.

For sensitive and allergic skins, Benu Blanc silk helps to calm the inflammatory ground of the epidermis thanks to its hypoallergenic, antibacterial and hydrophobic properties.

For acne-prone skin, silk is scientifically recognized for its antimicrobial, anti-oxidant (inflammation-related) and skin regenerating properties.

Thank you for the promise kept. I slept 8 hours thanks to the spray and the silk pillowcase.
Beautiful. Nice gift. Quality product. I recommend and will definitely recommend!
Very pleasant mist. The nights are perfect since the new pillowcase and the use of the mist.
France (EUR €)