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Benu Blanc innovates with facials that honor the full potential of silk. Discover Regard de Soie: the eye contour care whose effect is boosted by the silk eye mask. Proven effectiveness: immediate hydration and smoothing effect, 24% reduction in crow's feet wrinkles in 28 days. New: adopt the beautifying caress of exfoliating silk cocoons.


Exfoliating silk cocoons

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Silky eye serum

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Silk look

Silk-based eye care

The skin around the eyes is particularly fragile and sensitive. To take the best care of it, Benu Blanc's main idea is to recreate the molecular strength of the silk cocoon by uniting the two components of natural silk: fibroin, present in the silk mask, and sericin, contained in the silky eye contour serum.

Regard de soie offers a unique protocol capable of giving a burst of radiance to the eye area in 20 minutes andactivating a complete revitalization of the eye contour area after 28 days.

Regard de soie combines a triple action through the unique association of a mask woven from the best quality silk with a serum rich in silk proteins and natural active ingredients. Together, they will:
- Instantly soothe and continuously diffuse the active ingredients
- Tone the eye area and boost cell regeneration
- Rejuvenate the eye contour and strengthen the look

In the end, the eyes look younger and more intense.

Regard de Soie awarded by beauty professionals

Gold Award in the anti-aging category

The silky eye serum and the silk mask were awarded gold in the anti-aging category. Awarded by cosmetics professionals, this distinction at the Indies & Beauty Tech forum recognizes the innovative nature of the ritual and its anti-aging effectiveness.

The values appreciated by the many members of the jury are: product excellence, anti-aging effectiveness, 100% naturalness and the strong commitment of the brand.

Editor's Choice Award

Regard de Soie : chosen by PARENTS magazine

Regard de Soie receives the prestigious PARENTS magazine cosmetic experts' award for its excellence on 4 criteria: innovation, effectiveness, safety and ethics.

A great reward for Benu Blanc, which also thinks of parents who have (too) short nights.

Regard de soie takes care of the eye contour area, and also helps to let go and feel good thanks to the restful effect of the silk mask.

Eye contour care

Yuka score : 100/100

The silky eye serum has silk as its active ingredient, a component derived from nature, at the heart of a 100% natural formula. It is rated 100/100 with the Yuka application.

In Maxi's selection of sustainable and desirable products

Precious silk duet

"Silk: there is no fabric so delicate and yet so powerful, because of its active ingredients. Silk proteins are known to be able to soothe the skin, while boosting cell regeneration for a real in-depth action. And it is precisely these precious active ingredients, associated with caffeine, cornflower water and aloe vera, in particular, that are used in the composition of this serum designed to take care of the fragile eye contour area. And to go even further, it is associated with a silk mask, to be placed on the eyes, like a real cocoon, to both promote relaxation, but also allow a better assimilation of the formula in the heart of the skin. Use as a 20-minute flash treatment, for an express eye beauty treatment, or throughout the night, for a longer-lasting and truly regenerating effect."

Read in Elle

A cocoon that rests the eyes

"The idea behind the Benu Blanc brand? To capitalize on the mask that many of us put on our eyes at bedtime to eradicate any source of light. To do so, it combined two molecules: fibroin (present in the mask's silk) and sericin (included in the formula of a serum created as a complement). Once the serum is applied to the eye contour area and the mask is coated over it, fibroin and sericin join together, forming a structure with a biomimetic composition that contains collagen, elastin and keratin. These are all key active ingredients for regenerating the fragile skin around the eyes. As a bonus, the serum also activates the skin's sensory sensors, which in turn stimulate the secretion of molecules by the brain, thus promoting the relaxation of the entire body. The result: a fresher, more relaxed look in the morning.

Seen in CosmeticMag, Consultants edition

Exfoliating silk cocoons

In the article of the professional edition, CosmeticMag highlights the promise of Benu Blanc cocoons: the beautifying caress of pure silk.

Who is it for? For those who want a tender scrub that regenerates the skin.

And why these silk cocoons made in France? These cocoons come from the Cevennes. They provide the skin with the little-known benefits of two proteins: silk fibroin, which gently removes dead cells, excess sebum and blackheads for luminous skin. Silk sericin, whose antioxidants and amino acids activate cell regeneration.