Silk pillowcases made in France

Real care of the skin and hair, silk respects their hydration. It is also antiallergic, antibacterial and thermoregulating. Eco-responsible and sustainable, Benu Blanc's 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcases are woven and made in France. Their innovative weaving offers you a prodigiously comfortable, matte and non-slip silk, for a modern and elegant look.

face and hair care

Why the silk pillowcase turns your nights into a beauty treatment

The first benefit of the silk pillowcase is an optimal hydration of the skin and hair. Why? Natural silk is a hydrophobic fiber. It does not absorb the water that makes up 70% of skin cells. This water is primarily used for cell regeneration, especially at night. This is why it is so important to maintain an excellent hydration of the skin.

Secondly, silk reduces inflammatory processes related to humidity, mites and bacteria. Mites and bacteria proliferate in a humid environment. Silk is hydrophobic, but also anti-mite and anti-bacterial. Bacteria and dust mites multiply in the humidity of a cotton or synthetic fabric pillowcase. This will over-inflame acne-prone and sensitive skin. This is why a silk pillowcase is essential to limit these over-inflammatory effects on the skin.

Third benefit, silk improves the overall health of your hair without making it greasy. Again, it is this moisturizing property that boosts the hair's keratinocytes. As you spend more and more nights with it, your hair will be less brittle and less split ends. Silk also helps to limit hair loss.

Fourth benefit, the silk pillowcase participates in the fight against the signs of aging, always thanks to an optimal hydration of the skin. Hydration is a source of regeneration and youthfulness of the skin.

Fifth benefit, again due to the hydrophobic nature of silk fibers: silk does not absorb your cosmetics and night care. Your care products benefit your skin, not your pillowcase.

Silk Night

100% silk pillowcase and pillow mist

Nuit de Soie combines an oeko-tex certified mulberry silk pillowcase with exclusive silk protein-based beauty and well-being pillow mists to gently help the skin regenerate fully at night and provide you with a natural well-being treatment.

Nuit de Soie won a Victoire de la Beauté in the Top Innovation category, and two CosmeticMag Awards in the Beauty and Wellness category.

Pure silk 25 mommes made in France

How to maintain the Benu White silk pillowcase?

The Benu White silk is machine washable at 30°c on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent and a little softener. By creating this mat and resistant weaving, we wanted to make a product that fits in our lives in a simple way: your silk pillowcase is machine washable.

The silk is ironed on the reverse side, with steam and a silk setting (moderate temperature).

Well cared for, your silk pillowcase will last a lifetime. Discover in our blog article all the details of an optimal silk care.

From household linens to beauty linens

Silk pillowcase and bed linen

Even if the Benu White pillowcase is much more than a bed linen or household linen, it fits the standards of pillowcases and cushion covers: in square format 65x65 cm and in rectangular format 50x70 cm.

For the colors, discover the White of the Clouds (a very soft ivory white), the Blue of Dreams (a deep and intense blue), the Grey of the Night (a mysterious and elegant grey), and the Red of the Evening (a warm red).

Oeko-Tex certified silk

Innocuousness and beauty care thanks to the silk pillowcase

Benu Blanc 100% silk pillowcases are Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified: the yarn, the dye, and the whole production process are guaranteed free of 100 toxic substances.

Silk is a natural fabric, and all night long the 100% silk pillowcase is in contact with your face and hair: the harmlessness is therefore paramount. Guarantee your skin to have the best fabric to take care of it.

Silk or satin pillowcase?

What is the difference between silk and satin? Silk is a natural fabric, derived from silk cocoons. Satin is not a material, it is a weaving technique. So there is silk satin, cotton satin or polyester satin.
Be careful, if you find a satin pillowcase at a very low price, it is probably polyester satin, an artificial material derived from petroleum. Polyester has no beauty properties and will not help moisturize your face or make your hair beautiful.
And the percale? Percale is also a weaving technique: weaving fine threads tightly packed flat. Very often it is cotton percale: a percale appreciated for its softness and durability. However, cotton percale retains the highly absorbent properties of cotton, and therefore dries out the skin while creating moist conditions in the pillow, which benefits dust mites. For cases of acne or skin imperfections, this leads to over-inflamation of the skin all night long.
Only silk fiber, 100% silk, will bring you the benefits of silk: preserving the hydration of the skin and hair, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-mites. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase means caring for your skin and hair all night long.