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We bring to our customers a high quality service. We do our best to be always listening to you and to animate the Benu Blanc community. Like you, we share strong values: a natural and holistic approach to beauty and well-being; a love of quality, exceptional craftsmanship and work well done; a minimal footprint with a reduction of plastics and a localized value chain: all stages of design, manufacturing, assembly, logistics are located on the axis Grenoble-Montpellier .

We share with you here customer reviews received since the beginning of Benu Blanc, collected by Trusted Shop and reproduced without any modification. They are verified and verifiable. You will also find in this page comments from the panel of consumers who tested (and approved) the Nuit de Soie ritual during the Victoires de la Beauté, Top Innovation category.

If you are part of those who left us a review and who allow us to grow every day: THANK YOU!

Customer reviews on the benefits of Nuit de Soie

"From the very first night I saw the effect on my hair, no mess and no more pillow crease marks on my skin. Nice matte silk that dries quickly."

"My hair has never looked better when I wake up."

"I've been using the pillowcase and mist for a year now and I can't get enough of it! I even take it with me on vacation or on the go. My hair has regained its shine and vitality, even my hairdresser told me so. And what a pleasure for the skin! I am so convinced of the benefits of these pillowcases and mists

Benu Blanc customer reviews overall

"Very nice products, fast delivery";"Quality products designed and made in France. Fast shipping and nicely packaged items. Trusted site. Perfect!" ; "Excellent product and shopping experience. Thank you!"

"Very serious house, amazing products, you get addicted to the care mists, a pleasure to go to bed at night, impec after sales service, I recommend"

"I placed an order for the first time in this Shop, the product is very qualitative, the shipment careful, in the stated time. It is completely in line with my expectations. I recommend this store and these products!"

"Hello, I am delighted, perfect products, "luxury and ..voluptuousness"! I have advertised around me ...and a nice order followed!When will the nightwear?!"

"Fast delivery, high quality products, made in France, the top!!! "

"Very happy by the discovery of this local company that creates avant-garde products by enhancing know-how"

Avis client Benu Blanc meilleure taie d'oreiller en soie cosmétique naturelle brume d'oreiller brume de soins huiles essentielles aromathérapie hydratation acné anti-âge soie 25 mommes fabrication française

Avis client Benu Blanc meilleure taie d'oreiller en soie made in France 25 mommes soie de mûrier soin cosmétique naturelle huiles essentielles aromathérapie cadeau fête des pères certifié oeko-tex cadeau fête des mères cadeau Noël

Customer reviews of Nuit de Soie: the silk pillowcase & care mist ritual

"Pleasantly soft this pillowcase is super nice the spray with the light and pleasant perfume suits me perfectly"

"The silk pillowcase is sublime and very well finished and the scented mist a real cloud of happiness"

"Very happy with my blue ritual pack. I wanted a French, quality product and I found it! I recommend and will follow with attention the new products. Only point to review, the price for me but proud to help this company of committed women. Nice discovery".

Customer reviews of the 100% silk Benu White pillowcase

"An exceptional quality of silk"; "Beautiful quality, we are delighted"

"Very nice product, color, material, very pleasant to sleep, I am very satisfied with my purchase"

"Super quality I am impressed! Nothing to do with the products we usually find so very good value for money!"

"Beautiful and quality product - original packaging. I am thrilled with my purchase."

Avis client Benu Blanc meilleure taie d'oreiller en soie made in France 25 mommes soie de mûrier brume d'oreiller 100% naturelle cosmétique naturelle huiles essentielles aromathérapie cosmétique spirituelle cadeau Noël femme france homme fête des mères

Avis client Benu Blanc meilleure taie d'oreiller en soie fabriquée en France brumes d'oreiller brume de soins 100% naturelle cosmétique spirituelle huiles essentielles mieux dormir acné hydratation brillance cadeau noël fête des mères bien-être parfum intérieur parfum de nuit

Customer reviews of the skincare mists

Think this is only for women? Think again: men will appreciate the sensoriality of this silk that is neither slippery, nor shiny, nor satiny. We are far from the usual clichés of silk. In consumer tests, men have largely approved of Nuit de Soie. The proof is that Nuit de soie won a beauty award in the Top Innovation* category!

Opinions of the judges of the Victoires de la Beauté, Top Innovation category

The Victoires de la Beauté are awarded by a jury of consumers. A panel of women and men blindly tested the Nuit de Soie ritual in a white square silk pillowcase and Bergamot Mimosa care mist. The products were anonymized (names erased/scratched off, unmarked packaging): there is no brand effect, no marketing effect. This panel tested the ritual every night for three weeks in real conditions, at home. Their opinions and notes are anonymized by Monadia (the organization that manages the Victoires de la Beauté), and the whole report is sent to Benu Blanc. To be a winner of a Victoire de la Beauté, you must obtain a mark higher than 12/20 overall.

We are committed to you

A 100% silk fiber developed for beauty linen

An Oeko-Tex certified fabric® for its human-ecological guarantees

100% natural care mists resulting from our research

Innovative products designed and manufactured in France

* Comments from the consumer jury, Victoires de la Beauté, blind test carried out in real conditions for 3 weeks. Comments extracted from the report provided by the Victoires de la Beauté and without any modification from Benu Blanc.

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