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Yes, the dye is also Oeko-Tex certified. It is mandatory. The whole fabric must be certified in order to claim this label. Your Benu White silk pillowcase is certified free of more than 300 substances known to be harmful. Also, for your information, the silk is woven and dyed in France.

In theory yes, and on any woven support for that matter. However the Benu Blanc fabric is specific because it is composed of silk fibers. This provides the perfect support for the care mists to be ideally positioned in the weave of the fabric and gradually release the natural aromas.

One way to evaluate the quality of silk is to consider its weight per square meter (m2). This weight depends on the thickness of the threads that compose it and the density of the weave. The Mommé is a Japanese unit of measurement often used for silk: 1 MM = 4.3056 gr/m2. Above 18 or 19 Mommé, the silk fabric is considered strong and of good quality. Benu White silk has a weight of 110 gr/m2 = 25,40 Mommé, which is higher than all the available silk pillowcases. You will get a resistant fabric with a real cotton touch.

Yes, you can wash your Benu White silk pillowcase in the washing machine at 30°c, but with a delicate program and a spinning speed lower than 400 rpm. Avoid strong detergents, fabric softener, and especially bleaching detergents as indicated on the label. This would make your silk rough. Be careful with the drying too: no radiator or dryer or direct sunlight. The ideal is still hand washing with a natural drying, but if you don't have time (like many of us ;-) ), a delicate washing at 30°c will be fine !

There are special silk detergents, ideal for the maintenance of your Benu Blanc silk pillowcase. However, you can of course wash it with your usual detergent, if it does not contain bleaching substances. You can also simply use a soft detergent for delicate textiles, also called shampoo, that is to say free of enzymes that attack natural fibers (wool, silk, etc.). The use of softeners is to be avoided because they will tend to grease the fabric.

According to tests, with a 30°c wash, no. You can wash your Benu Blanc silk pillowcase with the rest of the family laundry without any risk of color transfer. However, be careful, your other linens may rub off on the silk. Don't hesitate to use anti-fading wipes if you mix all the colors in the machine, especially to keep your white bright.

Like most natural fabrics, yes there is a slight shrinkage at first wash. This shrinkage is about 6% in width. We have taken this into account when cutting and making the fabric. Afterwards, your fabric will not move if you wash it at 30°c.

Yes: rub the stain with dry white soap (like Marseille soap) before washing. Rub well, that's what makes the stain go away. Don't be afraid, your fabric is very resistant. Then put your silk pillowcase in the washing machine as usual. We also used stain removers without rubbing, but the result was not perfect in our tests. It seems that the age-old act of scrubbing laundry still has a purpose in our modern lives!

We offer two standard European sizes: square 65cm x 65cm and rectangular 50cm x 70cm. Normally any pillow should fit in one of these two sizes, unless you have a very (very!) special size made.

Yes, absolutely. Silk is excellent for all skin types in general and for problem skin in particular. Its properties make it their best ally. Silk is highly recommended by dermatologists because it perfectly respects the skin's balance.

Yes, you can. However, since silk is hydrophobic, you may find your hair still wet when you wake up.

Hair care mists

This product cannot be described as allergenic. There are essential oils inside, in concentrations below the usual thresholds of triggering allergies for people sensitive to certain essential oils, and more particularly to limonene and linalool that some of them contain. The natural microencapsulation allows to use very low doses of essential oils but to benefit fully from their properties and to have their delicate perfume in prolonged diffusion.

Yes, you can even use the care mists on any other woven support. However, the Benu White silk has been specifically developed to offer the best possible conditions for the progressive diffusion of the natural aromas.

Use the care mists every night. Before going to bed, mist a cloud on your Benu Blanc silk pillowcase. You'll repeat this simple process daily and regularly, though you'll notice the effects on your skin and hair the first time you wake up.

Yes, if you like the scent and the relaxing and soothing properties of the natural fragrances of the care mists, you can mist this fragrance on your clothes. The microencapsulation technology owned by Benu Blanc works on all types of textile supports.

No. The alcohol they contain will evaporate within a few minutes of misting, for a guaranteed no greasy or wet effect. Some essential oils have been selected for their purifying and lipolytic actions. Combined with the softness of silk, which considerably reduces friction and therefore skin aggression, the care mists will even help regulate sebum secretion.

Yes, you can use a different fragrance each night.


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