Who are we?

The story of the creation of Benu Blanc

Benu Blanc is above all a human adventure, a story of connection and conviction.
First of all, the meeting of the founders, the meeting of two different paths, one more scientific, the other centered on the human, the respect, the betterment and yet, the same passion, the same desire: to propose a new cosmetic, soft, respectful and of course effective.
Then, the encounter with a fascinating natural material, with incredible powers for the skin and its beauty: silk. The richness of its properties appears limitless, and its cosmetic benefits offer delightful perspectives.
It took the spark of Dr. Gérard Redziniak. His incessant curiosity, his boundless taste for knowledge, his unique ability to make science accessible have given life to Benu Blanc.
Today, Benu Blanc is a resolutely different brand, which unites silk in cosmetics and textiles to regenerate the skin intensely, deeply, sustainably; and all this, while sleeping.

The co-founders

Valérie Sabatier Vallejo, PhD

Valérie is a biochemist by training: she has a valuable scientific sensitivity for the field of cosmetics. After graduating from a Grande Ecole of Management, she joined a biotech start-up and obtained a PhD in business strategy.

After a first academic career as a teacher-researcher in the world of Grandes Ecoles, she chooses to co-found Benu Blanc to put into practice the values that are dear to her heart: innovate and reveal all the scientific potential of silk, enhance the knowledge and know-how of the made in France, propose a natural and healthy cosmetics.

Valérie Sabatier Vallejo entrepreneuriat féminin entrepreneure

Fanny Redziniak

Fanny Redziniak has a Master's degree in Law and a degree in Clinical Psychology. She began her career as a lawyer in consumer protection and continued it in the protection of adults. She puts the individual at the heart of the analysis of complex situations.

She grew up in a family where cosmetics research was central. When she co-founded Benu Blanc, she became involved in the operational management of the company by putting forward the values that are dear to her heart: respect for know-how, the French manufacturing, innovation in cosmetics.

An expert and committed scientific board

Gérard Redziniak manages all the R&D of Benu Blanc and brings his outstanding expertise to discover the secrets of silk in cosmetics. He has been working for 40 years in the world of Research in Skin Biology, Dermatology and Cosmetology. After a PhD in Molecular Biophysics and Chemistry, he directed the Applied Research Department of Parfums Christian Dior (LVMH Group). He then managed the Scientific Department of the Yves Rocher Group, and then the R&D departments of several groups including NAOS (Esthederm-Bioderma), Amore Pacific and Uriage. During this industrial career, he was president of the French Society of Cosmetology from 2008 to 2011. Passionate about life sciences, he now supports innovative companies as an inventor and scientific advisor. An active member of Cosmetic Valley, he coordinates several collaborative projects involving public and private research.

Corine Genet holds a PhD in Economic and Social Sciences, a DESS (post-graduate diploma) and a diploma from the Institut d'Etude Politique de Grenoble. Between 1995 and 2000, she was a project manager for the French Ministry of Research, then for the French National Institute for Agricultural Research. Since 2002, she has been a professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management where she developed a Master's degree in Management of Biotechnology Companies. From 2002 to 2004, she was also in charge of the Master's degree in Technology and Innovation Management. She is currently in charge of teaching Strategy and of the Strategy, Collective Action and Technology research team at GEM.

Tristan Rousselle holds a PhD in Cellular Biology and Molecular Biology. He co-founded PX'Therapeutics in 2000 in Grenoble. In a highly competitive environment, he created a portfolio of business models that balance risk and capture value for the company. PX'Therapeutics also innovates in its positioning at the heart of biotech company networks. At the end of 2012, the company was acquired by a pharmaceutical group. Tristan then became involved in the development of ElicytilOligoTech®. Then in 2014 he co-founded Aryballe Technologies around a disruptive technology. Digital olfaction is based on biosensors and developments from nanosciences, information technologies, and cognitive sciences.

Our values

For our customers:guaranteeing healthy, natural and effective cosmetics

Our present and future products will respect this triptych: simplicity of use, they can be part of our busy lives in a few seconds. Naturalness, to stay as close as possible to what Nature already offers. Efficiency, because we are looking for the support of technologies that are respectful of humans and the planet.

For our partners: torecognize excellence in work, develop reciprocal relationships of trust and appreciate differences.

It is not the cult of performance that guides us, but the love and respect of a job well done. Like us, our partners are passionate about their work and want the best for their teams and their customers. We value the made in France in all the production of Benu Blanc, including in the weaving of silk and the clothing.

For our planet:minimize packaging and value natural materials .

Nature, which we observe, listen and respect, is our model. The well-being of our planet is at the center of our reflection. By locating our value chain in a limited geographical area, we also strive to reduce our impact on the environment.

And for all our stakeholders, Made in France is at the heart of our actions.