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Parents Magazine Cosmetic Expert Award goes to Benu Blanc for Regard de Soie


Benu Blanc wins the Editor's Choice Parents Award for its innovative silky eye serum and silk eye mask. The product was tested and evaluated by Parents magazine's committee of beauty experts on 4 main criteria:

Innovation in silk

- Innovation: combining a silk mask with a silk-based serum increases the moisturizing and regenerating effect of silk tenfold. In terms of use, the mask soothes and rests the muscles around the eyes for a very important well-being effect for parents of children who have restless nights.

Efficiency of the cosmetic ritual

- Effectiveness: the clinical test analysis report was studied in depth. The committee particularly appreciated the objective measurements made on the hydration of the eye contour and the anti-aging effect with a 24% decrease in wrinkles in 28 days of use

Innocuousness of the eye contour care

- Innocuousness: an essential criterion for the experts, the award-winning products must be safe. The serum formula is 100% natural and Benu Blanc silk is oeko-tex certified (free of toxic substances)

Ethical and made in France

- Ethical: Benu Blanc is committed to creating the French cosmetic silk industry, which particularly pleased the jury. Benu Blanc silk is woven and made in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, and the cosmetics are produced in Occitania.
Thank you to the Editorial Experts for this beautiful recognition of our work as specialists in beauty silk!

Benu Blanc receives the support of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region


The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region supports the development of Benu Blanc, notably through the Start-up and Go loan. It is the direct and indirect jobs and the highlighting of regional skills in both technological innovation and craftsmanship excellence, which convinced the region's teams to give Benu Blanc a helping hand. "It is for us a strong recognition: we have since the beginning of Benu Blanc honored the made in France, and we do everything possible to go further with the made in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. We are regularly supported by the AURA region and its teams. Beyond the Start-up and Go loan, it is a pleasure for us to work with the teams of the region, as well as the Chamber of Trades and Crafts " Valérie Sabatier, co-founder and president of Benu Blanc.

La région Auvergne Rhône Alpes soutient Benu Blanc

New partnership Benu Blanc, Blissim & You Make Fashion


Benu Blanc Blissim box édition limitée beauté holistique made in France

We are pleased to announce the partnership Benu Blanc x Blissim x You make Fashion for a beautiful limited edition box. Margot, aka You Make Fashion, in her blog, on her Youtube channel, her books and her Intagram offers her advice for a healthy and balanced life. She chose Benu Blanc and the Bergamot Mimosa skin care mist for its well-being and beauty effect.

Benu Blanc enters the Akasha Spa at the Lvtetia Palace in Paris


After several months of work, and thanks to Françoise Bodenan, we are happy to announce that Benu Blanc is coming to the Akasha spa in the Parisian palace Le Lvtetia.

The choice of silk for this luxurious spa

We are delighted to present our brand in this temple of luxury, elegance and holistic care. It is for Benu Blanc a recognition of the excellence of our cosmetic and textile innovations. French silk is honored, as well as our natural technology of microencapsulation.

We will be present in the form of two pop-up events: one for Nuit de Soie, and the other for the launch of our brand new ritual. Our products will be available at the spa from September 25th.

Benu Blanc spa akasha lutetia palace luxe paris

Benu Blanc in partnership with the beauty institute By Claire in Arcachon


The Benu Blanc team is happy to share with you this beautiful news: the beauty institute By Claire in Arcachon has chosen Benu Blanc for its natural, sensory and made in France products.

Because each age has its own beauty, By Claire offers expert hands, attentive listening and efficient and irreproachable cosmetics.

We wish a very nice season to Claire and her team to bring beauty and well-being on the Arcachon basin!

Benu Blanc new member of Cosmetic Valley


Benu Blanc joins the Cosmetic Valley! As a specialist in night beauty, Benu Blanc develops innovative beauty and well-being rituals. "We are specialists in natural cosmetic formulas where we optimize the bio-affinity of silk. Two types of innovation are at the center of our new product process: technological innovations based on natural microencapsulation and the bio-affinity of silk, and usage innovations using textiles and cosmetics" Fanny Redziniak, Benu Blanc's general manager.

Benu Blanc membre cosmetic valley

Silk for cosmetics and textiles

Benu Blanc is part of the independent cosmetic companies (the "indies"). Benu Blanc is a company committed to natural beauty, made in France and responsible consumption.

The new Ylang-ylang care mist: the voluptuousness of summer and a care for your hair on your silk pillowcase


Ylang-ylang is a symbolic flower of summer and love. It smells like monoi, the beach, the sun, and naps under the mangroves. But do you know its beauty properties?

The essential oil of Ylang-ylang

Ylang-ylang essential oil is a real treatment for dry, damaged, wavy or brittle hair. It is also excellent for skin regeneration: it will help your skin to be more luminous and more homogeneous.

We have formulated for you a natural blend of essential oils of Ylang-Ylang, Orange, Clove, Petit Grain Bigarade and Sandalwood.

Thanks to our patented technology of natural microencapsulation with silk peptides, the essential oils are microdosed and diffuse their properties for 8 hours on your silk pillowcase.

You benefit from the beauty and well-being properties of the mist all night long.

And always 100% natural.

Brume d'oreiller huile essentielle ylang-ylang

Benu Blanc and the beauty house by Natacha in Boulogne

Institut de beauté Benu Blanc

We are very happy to share with you this beautiful partnership with the beauty house by Natacha in Boulogne. The experience of care selected by Natacha, is the alliance of an extreme performance and an unequalled comfort .

Thank you to the Maison de Beauté by Natacha, to whom we wish a great opening!

Benu Blanc arrives on!


Benu Blanc sur

We have the great pleasure to move to another step in the development of Benu Blanc with the referencing on in a few days.

Benu Blanc is the pioneer company in the beauty linen. We propose a new approach to cosmetic textiles. Rather than having textiles encapsulating active ingredients that disappear after a dozen washes, we use natural microencapsulation in a companion product. The care mists that accompany Benu Blanc's silk pillowcases contain silk peptides that microencapsulate natural actives. When the silk peptides contained in the mist are sprayed on the Benu Blanc silk pillowcase, the molecular cocoon is recreated: it is the bio-affinity of silk.

Benefits of silk

For which benefits? The care mists diffuse the aromatic actives all night long to complete the benefits of silk. Hydration and regeneration of the skin, shine and hair care, as well as immediate well-being thanks to aromatherapy.

Benu Blanc receives an award in the Beauty and Wellness Ritual category


The two co-founders of the company, Valérie Sabatier and Fanny Redziniak, pitched the Benu Blanc concept at the Indies & Beauty Tech Forum organized by CosmeticMag. The Indies & Beauty Tech Forum is a leading event in the beauty world, bringing together the big names in distribution, actors in cosmetics production and new beauty brands. The 2021 edition was full of novelties: Benu Blanc presented for the first time a ritual combining textiles and cosmetics.

CosmeticMag award Benu Blanc

" It was important for us to seek recognition from our peers and to confront our vision of beauty and wellness with that of other established beauty players " Fanny, co-founder.

A prize for cosmetic silk: pillowcase and natural mist

The idea of using textiles, and in particular silk, is very innovative and raises many questions for distribution in beauty channels. "We are convinced that our products have their place in selective beauty distribution (perfumeries). However, we need to convince and move the lines: Benu Blanc's rituals are not only skin care, nor are they only hair care. I understand that category managers have questions..."Valerie, co-founder.

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