Set of 4 beauty and well-being pillow mists


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Product description

100% natural pillow mist containing silk peptides (patented Benu Blanc technology)

Spray size: 50 ml

Duration of use: about 2 months (350 sprays)

Application tips

A few minutes before bedtime, spray 4 to 5 clouds of care mists on your pillowcase.

Repeat every night.

For an optimal use, spray on a Benu Blanc silk pillowcase: When the mist is sprayed on the pillowcase, the fibroin and sericin, natural components of the silk cocoon, are put back in contact, they recognize each other and unite again, in a virtuous alliance that fills the skin and hair with benefits.

Recreating the silk cocoon

The sericin contained in Benu Blanc mists acts as a molecular cocoon that protects the aromatherapy molecules and releases them gradually. The microencapsulation prolongs the effects of its active ingredients for 6 to 9 hours (Benu Blanc patent).

Santalol at the heart of regeneration

The olfactory sensors of the skin react to sandalwood, an essential oil of sandalwood present in all formulations.
The energy potential of skin cells is boosted, their natural metabolism is amplified, the production of skin structure molecules is promoted, with an effect on collagen and elastin. Skin regeneration is at its maximum. Night after night, the skin is rebuilt, for a younger, more radiant appearance.

This set of 4 beauty and well-being pillow mists with multiple benefits will allow you to choose the mist corresponding to your desires each evening:

  • Serene Orange Blossom: The happiness of a Mediterranean breeze on your pillow. Orange blossom has beautiful soothing properties for the skin.
  • Purifying Eucalyptus: the best of aromatherapy for the respiratory tract and soothing.
  • Balancing Patchouli: refocus on your vital energy and let the night regenerate you deeply. Patchouli is also known for its anti-acne and anti-blemish properties.
  • Restful Vetiver: a walk in the woods, Vetiver calms you and envelops you with its reassuring notes.

Aromatherapy, essential oils and natural microencapsulation with silk

Our natural microencapsulation technology (patented technology) ensures the prolonged diffusion of the natural active ingredients contained in the mists. Indeed, the problem of natural perfumes is that they do not remain in the duration compared to synthetic perfumes. Pillow mists made from all-natural products are more expensive in terms of components, and less durable in terms of diffusion: they fade more quickly than synthetic products. That's why Benu Blanc's natural microencapsulation technology is a real technological breakthrough: it allows the prolonged diffusion of natural active ingredients on textile support. While remaining 100% natural!

Customer Reviews

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Béatrice MORY
Merveilleuse découverte

Magnifique ! Répond à mon attente. Efficace, raffiné : tout pour plaire. Les brumes permettent de s'endormir en voyageant dans la douceur subtle d'un parfum naturel.
Les taies d'oreiller laissent les cheveux soyeux et la peau du visage douce et paisée.

Great Christmas Gift

I bought this as a Christmas present for my cousin and her daughter. Perfect for gifting, killed 2 birds with one stone! By the way, they loved it; said that the Brumes are nice-smelling with different purposes.

J'adore ces brumes d'oreiller

Je dors bien, je m'endors bien et je change souvent de brume. Ravie de mon achat !

Brumes pour alterner les odeurs

J'aime changer de parfum selon mon humeur. Coffret parfait et moins cher que les brumes toutes seules.

lot de 4 brumes

pour l'instant je ne les ai pas toutes essayées mais les odeurs sont très agréables pour s'endormir

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