Set of 2 silk scrunchies

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Soie certifiée oeko-tex
Benu Blanc expertise

The main idea of the Benu Blanc brand was to bring together the two components of the silk cocoon - fibroin and sericin - to create a true molecular cocoon active on the skin throughout the night.
Silk is naturally composed of two molecular strands, fibroin and sericin. To obtain silk thread, these two components are separated. The fibroin, once spun and woven, becomes the textile, the silk. The sericin, on the other hand, is valorized by Benu Blanc in all its range of complementary products.

Made in France

Benu Blanc silk, thought as a cosmetic care, is woven and made in
workshops labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant in Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. Certified
Oeko-Tex®, with a matt and non-slip aspect, it is of an exceptional quality.
All Benu Blanc products are developed and manufactured in France, in a 270 km radius around Grenoble.

The silk scrunchies that respect the hair and do not slip!

This set of two 100% silk scrunchies is made in France with Benu Blanc silk. We have created for you a 100% silk fabric that does not slip. It is therefore perfectly adapted to all hair types, thick or thin, even very thin. Silk takes good care of it: it avoids breaking the fiber and maintains its hydration.


  • 2 scrunchies 100% silk, made in France, handmade
  • A 100% silk fabric, certified Oeko-Tex®which does not slip for an absolutely perfect support
  • 2 dense and firm elastics
  • Inner diameter: 3 cm - Outer diameter: 9 cm for a perfect hairstyle
  • 25 strands for a thick, resistant silk and a cotton touch

Two silk scrunchies, for hair care and practicality

Silk is an incredible natural fiber, very specific: hydrophobic in nature, it does not absorb the water present in the cells, especially the keratinocytes of the hair. It does not break the hair fiber. This is why it is recommended to use silk scrunchies to take care of your hair.

But often, silk is satiny and shiny: then silk scrunchies slip. That's why Benu Blanc innovates with its 100% silk fabric 25 mommes with matte finish. Developed in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, historical cradle of French silk since the 14th century, this silk is unique: it has all the properties of classic silk without slipping. As a result, these silk scrunchies fit in your hair, whether it is thick or thin, or even very thin.

Supporting women's entrepreneurship: the Moute & Benu Blanc collaboration

To bring you the perfect scrunchies, we partnered with Félicie, the creator of the scrunchie specialist brand Moute. We were able to determine the perfect length, the optimal elasticity and the most impeccable finish. The best of scrunchies with the best of beauty silk: you'll have the best silk scrunchies imaginable in your hair (or on your wrist, for a trendy look)!

Care for your hair: Silk respects the hair fiber and does not break your hair. Silk from 25 mommes, it is certified free of more than 200 harmful substances (= Oeko-Texcertification®). You can even sleep with it.

Made in France : Benu Blanc silk is woven in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region ; and the scrunchies are handmade in Lille in Moute workshops.

Practicality: These scrunchies do not slip thanks to the Benu Blanc silk. They stay in place to ensure elegance and hold of your hairstyle.

Each Benu Blanc scrunchie is handmade which makes it a unique unique (like you!). In spite of a very strict quality control, it can present differences or irregularities which make the charm of the exceptional craft.

Customer Reviews

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Gratiela Dumitrescu
Great scrunchies

The scrunchies texture is really nice at they came packed in a very cute box. I might repurchase it to offer it as a gift to my best friend.
Also, I loved the fact that it was delivered fast, even with the Collissimo service without signature.

Nathalie MASSA
Simplement élégant

Les chouchous sont élégants.
C'est idéal pour un cadeau avec leur boite très originale.
Je recommande

Laury Platiau

Beaux chouchous, qui ne glissent pas et respectent les cheveux 😊

Chouchou de qualité dans une belle boîte

C'est un cadeau parfait

Laurine L.
Je les adore

J'adore ces chouchous de soie. Je me fais des chignons vite-fait et c'est beau. Pour le poignet c'est bien aussi, ça ne serre pas trop, juste ce qu'il faut. Adopté !!!

Excellence made in France

Silk scrunchies that don't slip

Léa tests the Benu Blanc silk scrunchies in several hairstyles. The advantage of the silk scrunchie ? Silk respects the hair and prevents breakage of the hair fiber. Benu Blanc French silk is uniquely woven: it is matte and non-slip. This avoids the problem of the silk scrunchie slipping all day and not holding in the hair.
These scrunchies are woven and made in France, in a workshop labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant.
A huge thank you to Léa for this tuto!