Silk protective mask made in France

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Benu Blanc expertise

The main idea of the Benu Blanc brand was to bring together the two components of the silk cocoon - fibroin and sericin - to create a true molecular cocoon active on the skin throughout the night.
Silk is naturally composed of two molecular strands, fibroin and sericin. To obtain silk thread, these two components are separated. The fibroin, once spun and woven, becomes the textile, the silk. The sericin, on the other hand, is valorized by Benu Blanc in all its range of complementary products.

Made in France

Benu Blanc silk, thought as a cosmetic care, is woven and made in
workshops labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant in Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. Certified
Oeko-Tex®, with a matt and non-slip aspect, it is of an exceptional quality.
All Benu Blanc products are developed and manufactured in France, in a 270 km radius around Grenoble.

Silk protection mask woven and made in France

Protective mask 100% mulberry silk: this mask, woven and made in France, is composed of 3 layers of 100% natural silk fabric. Antibacterial, hypoallergenic, soft and comfortable, it will protect you and your entourage while respecting your skin perfectly.

2 sizes: S and L. The label is worn on the right.

Mask Size S : suitable for thin faces
Face covering : 17x9cm
Total length (including elastics) = 30cm

Mask Size L :
Face covering : 17x10cm
Total length (including elastics) = 35cm

  • 100% Mulberry silk certified Oeko-Tex®
  • Made in France
  • 3 layers of silk fabric
  • Nose barrette

A silk barrier mask machine washable at 30°c

Unlike cotton, silk is a hydrophobic material that does not retain moisture in its fibers. It is also naturally antibacterial. Its washing does not require a long duration nor a high temperature. Use a mild detergent (no detergent, no enzyme detergent, no bleaching agent or softener). Avoid the dryer and direct sunlight for drying as this will make your silk rough.

A silk mask to respect your skin

Benu Blanc's silk is a cosmetic fabric: the skin's hydration is preserved, and the intrinsic qualities of silk allow to reduce the inconveniences linked to the wearing of the mask (irritations, pimples, humidity). It is the same silk as the one used for Benu Blanc's silk pillowcases, developed for the beauty linen, woven and made in France.

This mask is not COVID-19 approved, it is a protective mask for daily use. Each Benu Blanc silk mask is handmade which makes it a unique piece (like you!). It can therefore present differences or irregularities that make the charm of the exceptional craft.

Wellness tip: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Ravintsara for the respiratory tract

We recommend that you spray Eucalyptus Purifying Mist on the outside of your mask before wearing it: we have put the best of the essential oils for the respiratory tra ct in this mist. Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Ravintsara, Pine, Noble Laurel and Marjoram: come and discover the respiratory mist, or read our blog post to learn more.

Also remember to protect your mask in your bag. For that, you can use the Benu White silk mini-pouch.

The word of the Benu Blanc team for these 100% silk protection masks made in France

Our job is to make beauty silk and to promote a natural and holistic approach to beauty and well-being. We did not want to take advantage of a market opportunity on masks. We made a small series of masks at the request of our community of users, hoping that this would be temporary, and that soon we would all be able to live without masks.

The weaving and the making of these 100% silk masks meet all the requirements we make for all Benu Blanc products: French excellence in the whole production process.

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Masque en soie très agréable à porter, efficace et élégant. Maintien parfait. Emballage soigneux et Livraison rapide. Je recommande.

Laurine L.
Qualité au top et tout doux

Super masques qui m'évitent l'acné horrible du masque. je les porte pour le boulot. Vivement qu'on les enlève, mais en attendant c'est un moindre mal d'avoir ces masques en soie qui sont confort et doux pour ma peau.


Tres agreable a porter

magali levard

Tissu different mais fonctionne


Tres bon produit et lame de maintien sur le nez tres appreciable