Pure silk eye patches: 6 reusable patches

A unique technique in the world

Non-woven silk is a unique technique in the world, directly from nature. The cocoon silk is produced flat, then laser cut. This technique comes from the Benu Blanc & Sericyne partnership to create the French cosmetic silk industry.

Tips for applying pure silk patches

2 application modes:

- “pure silk” routine: apply the patches moistened with mineral water for 10 minutes. Rinse with clean water, let the patches dry.

- “glow and anti-aging” routine: moisten the patches with the silky eye contour serum. Apply for 10 minutes. Rinse the patches with clean water, allow the patches to air dry.

Eco-responsible: reusable and compostable patches

These patches are produced in France, in the Cévennes. They have a low ecological impact.

Each patch is reusable up to 3 times.

At the end of their use cycle, the patches are compostable and recyclable.

Benefits of Pure Silk Eye Patches

These pure silk patches, as part of a natural routine or with the silky eye contour serum, allow you to hydrate the eye contour and smooth out puffiness to immediately rejuvenate your eyes. Pure silk patches provide the fragile and sensitive skin around the eyes with all the silk proteins in their natural state. The cells around the eye benefit from both healing silk sericin and regenerating silk fibroin. These proteins will strengthen certain skin cells and in particular fibroblasts to help with the production of collagen and elastin. With these pure silk patches, the eye contour is hydrated, nourished and smoothed.

The “PURE SILK” beauty routine

For treatment as close as possible to nature, the patches are recommended for “pure silk” use:

  1. Moisten the patches with mineral water , preferably lukewarm.
  2. Apply the patches to the skin for 10 to 15 minutes
  3. Remove the patches, rinse them with clean water and let them air dry on a clean surface (a towel or cloth)
  4. Repeat the treatment 2 to 3 times a week or as soon as the need arises.
  5. Each patch is reusable up to 3 times . The patches can then be composted or recycled

To benefit from a global and profound improvement in the skin around the eyes, it is recommended to perform this routine two to three times a week. Fibroin and sericin will nourish the eye area, providing the skin with the nutrients it needs to activate its regeneration and protection mechanisms .

The anti-aging beauty routine: silk patches + silky eye contour serum

To reinforce the benefits of pure silk patches, Benu Blanc has developed an eye contour serum based on silk active ingredients . This eye contour serum, the “silky eye contour serum”, contains 100% natural active ingredients whose effectiveness has been demonstrated in clinical tests.

The protocol consists of:

  1. Apply three pumps of silk serum to each pure silk patch to soak it with product
  2. Put the patches on your eye area for 10 to 15 minutes
  3. Remove the patches, the remaining product on the skin does not need to be rinsed. The patches must be rinsed with clean water then dried in the open air. Rinsed well and dried, the patches will be reusable up to 3 times.

Immediate effect: smooth the eye contour and moisturize to visibly reduce puffiness

The silky serum contains, in addition to moisturizing and regenerating silk proteins, natural active ingredients intended to smooth the eye contour and visibly reduce puffiness: cornflower flavonoids, caffeine molecules.
In an effectiveness test, it has been shown that the roughness of the eye contour decreases by 17% immediately after application . This allows you to highlight a significant smoothing effect on the eye contour immediately after application . This smoothing effect is also lasting over time because it is also significant at 14 days.
Regarding hydration of the eye, application of the eye contour serum confirms immediate hydration with a significant increase of 16% in hydration of the eye contour . This is again confirmed at 14 days on the initial maintenance of hydration around the eyes.

Long-term anti-aging effect: significantly reduce the signs of aging

The pure silk patches complement the properties of the eye contour serum by providing sericin and fibroin proteins in their natural state. They reinforce the excellent results obtained by the eye contour serum used as a night routine with the silk mask (fibroin alone). This routine had already demonstrated the exceptional effectiveness of silk in the fight against the signs of aging: in 28 days of use, objective measurements of the eye contour show on average a 24% reduction in wrinkles. crow's feet.

Customer Reviews

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Nicole Mialosque
Doux au contact

Très doux au contact mais pour l'instant, je ne peux pas donner un avis quelconque. J'ai commencé à utilisé les patchs mais n'ai pas vu d'effets aussi probants que ceux qui sont indiqués dans les explications & utilisation du produit.

Angelina ROBERT
La soie m’aime!

Soyeux certes ,onctueux et délicat,plus encore ,c’est si doux des soins rien que pour sois.J’apprécie la fabrication Française.Un grand merci 🤩

Soie pure

J'avais essayé les patchs au festival de la soie à Lyon. Depuis j'ai adopté la routine beauté naturelle.

Patchs approuvés

J'ai rencontré la fondatrice dans un atelier cosmétique et j'ai été bluffée par le résultat de la routine patch+sérum. C'est devenu mon soin antipoches. Je suis ultra fan

Efficacité poches

Sur les poches c'est magique, top !

Patches with precious and eco-responsible silk

Made in Cévennes

The French cosmetic silk industry begins in the Cévennes with the production of pure silk by Sericyne. This technique, unique in the world, restores 100% of the natural fiber of silk. Silk proteins thus provide the skin with all the benefits of hydration, regeneration and soothing effect of the silk cocoon.

This silk is produced in an environment protected from pollution, in the Cévennes regional natural park.

Pure silk patches are reusable up to 3 times and compostable .

The vocabulary of silk

What is non-woven silk?

The term non-woven describes materials whose fabric appearance does not come from weaving but either from a natural characteristic or from compression of the fibers with a binder. In the case of Benu Blanc silk patches, it is an entirely natural non-woven material, without any addition or use of material other than the natural and raw silk thread intended to create the silk cocoon.

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Focus on new beauty gestures

In Closer magazine: “COUP D’ECLAT

Place these moistened 100% pure silk patches on the fine skin around the eyes and wait ten minutes. It will be transformed, hydrated, smoothed, and bags and dark circles pleasantly reduced."

The properties of the silk cocoon

The Benu Blanc-Sericyne silk non-woven fabric is made of pure silk fiber. The silk cocoon is made up of two proteins
main: fibroin and sericin. Sericin is used today in medicine as a healing agent , particularly in dressings. The main reason for this choice is the excellent biocompatibility of sericin with keratinocytes and
(constituents of hair fiber and skin).

Silk fibroin, in turn, helps compensate and maintain the overall health of the skin by increasing cell spreading, migration and adhesion, as well as the expression of their related proteins (collagen, elastane).

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The protective fluidity of silk

"This 100% natural and 100% made in France treatment offers a real boost of radiance to the eyes in ten minutes. On the one hand, the very fine skin around the eyes becomes perfectly hydrated, on the other hand, dark circles appear. "reduce, while bags and wrinkles are reduced. These patches are laser cut from silk. Furthermore, their shape is perfectly adapted to the contour of the eye. The action of these patches can be further reinforced with the "use of the Silky Eye Contour Serum."