Pure Silk Refill for Sericyne Silk Pillowcase

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Pure silk refill for Sericyne pillowcase

Pure silk non-woven brings you the benefits of silk proteins in their natural state.

We are focusing on non-woven silk: it is silk in its pure state, in its natural state. There was no industrial or chemical treatment. The non-woven silk is slightly rigid (like a cocoon); it may surprise you to the touch.

We recommend sleeping on the pure silk side one to three times a week depending on needs: once a week for anti-aging treatment; two to three times a week for anti-acne treatment.

The pure silk refill can be used effectively 4 to 5 times, or approximately 3 weeks of treatment for acne-prone skin, or 5 weeks for prevention of signs of aging.

Color: natural white

This pure silk refill is naturally white. It does not undergo any treatment, it is entirely pure.

Dimensions: rectangular 50x70 or square 45x45

The pure silk refill is specifically made for the Sericyne pillowcase.

Pure Silk Refill Maintenance

Hand wash cold or dry clean • Use mild cleansers • Wash separately • Dry flat • Iron on low heat

Sericyne's patented pure silk is a living, natural and additive-free material.
The appearance of silk fibers constitutes the normal and natural evolution of the material, this does not alter its benefits.

The SERICYNE pure silk refill

The pure silk refill for Sericyne bifacial pure silk pillowcases allows you to benefit from 4 to 5 nights of care.

The pure silk pillowcase is recommended according to two routines:

- 1 night per week to prevent signs of aging

- 2 to 3 nights per week for the care of acne-prone skin

The refill cleverly hangs with the Sericyne ® pillowcase of the corresponding size. Sericyne®️ silk contains all of the purest silk proteins: sericin and fibroin. They provide the best benefits to hair and skin.
Sericyne ® silk is used alone, in addition to a hair or facial treatment whose benefits will be boosted by Sericyne® silk.
For effective care, it is recommended to use the pure silk refill once a week, during the day while resting or at night while sleeping. The effectiveness of pure Sericyne ® silk is proven for 6 to 8 treatments.

The benefits of pure silk made in Cévennes, France

Pure silk brings you all the virtues of fibroin and sericin. Pure silk non-woven fabric should not be confused with 100% silk silk fabric which results from silk spinning. This is the true meaning of pure silk: silk in its natural state, produced using a technique patented by Sericyne.

Fibroin helps skin cells

Scientific research results highlight the ability of fibroblasts, in contact with fibroin, to increase their proliferation capacity by 150%. However, fibroblasts are skin cells responsible for its youth and health: they produce collagen and elastin, and are at the heart of healing.

Sericin: the silk protein of cell regeneration

Sericin is widely studied for its regenerating and healing properties. It offers multiple perspectives for improving healing.

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