Square silk pillowcase Gris de la nuit


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Soie certifiée oeko-tex
Product description

Pillowcase 100% silk Benu White :
Format 65 cm x 65 cm. European standard, suitable for the very (very) large majority of square pillows.
This pillowcase is made from a 100% natural mulberry silk fiber, dense, soft, prodigiously comfortable, which weaves around the skin a cocoon of beauty and well-being.

Pillowcase 100% mulberry silk, Oeko-Tex certified, 25 mommes. French weaving and manufacturing, certified Living Heritage Company.

Night Grey Color

Night Grey: Soft and sustained gray, between pearl gray and anthracite.

This gray blends perfectly with bedding in white, pink, blue, beige, red.

Silk care tips

Machine wash at 30°c delicate program. Dry naturally, preferably without direct sunlight.

Silk fiber is a natural fiber, therefore fragile. In order to maintain the beauty of your French silk, we recommend you to use a soft detergent (no enzyme detergents - generally cold active detergents), and to avoid drying in the sun or in the raditor which dry the fibers). You can add fabric softener to your machine to keep the softness of this Oeko-Tex certified fabric.


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The benefits of the 100% pure silk Benu White pillowcase:

  • Skin hydration and hair health : thanks to the properties of silk
  • A new sensoriality: a matte silk of 25 mommes. It is unique and innovative, developed for the beauty linen

An exceptional silk for the first cosmetic pillowcase 100% pure silk made in France

The Benu Blanc pillowcase has been thought as a cosmetic care and not as a bed linen.

)Made in France, with all the know-how of excellence of the French craft industry, according to the
traditional weaving techniques of the silk manufacturers of Lyon, this silk, in contact with the skin, favors the cellular renewal


The benefits of silk for your skin and hair

Our skin often suffers from dryness as a result of the effects of the environment in which we live on a daily basis. During the day, our skin fights relentlessly against these attacks. It weakens, and in particular becomes dehydrated. And yet, hydration is the primary source of youth. But what does this have to do with silk? Silk is composed of a polymer of naturally hydrophobic proteins, which means that Silk does not absorb water from the skin. All night long, silk will provide optimal hydration.

Another benefit: rather than absorbing your night cream or cosmetics, silk allows them to act all night long on your skin. You prolong the benefits of your cosmetics.
For the hair, silk ensures a better hydration and also a reduction of the rubbings for a better sheathing and hair in better health.

Finally, silk is also non-allergic, antibacterial and anti-dust mite. It is perfect to fight against acne, eczema and all the small dermatological problems that you could meet.

Customer Reviews

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Très belle taie. Je suis ravie de cet achat.

daniel lhote
taie d'oreiller en soie

Commande conforme,livaison rapide rien à dire, j'attends un moment afin de constater les bienfaits de cette taie d'oreiller en pure soie
sur ma peau.

Sylvana Delmaire
Qualité taie

Parfait 👍

Parfait !

Merci à Marie pour sa gentillesse, ses réponses, sa grande écoute et son efficacité. La commande est conforme à celle passée. Les taies d'oreiller bleues sont très jolies, de qualité supérieure et confortables. Foncez !

Taie oreiller

Confortable. Belle qualité. Satisfaite

Pillowcase 100% silk Gris de la Nuit

A color that matches your bedding

This soft gray will perfectly match your bedding in white, pink, blue, beige, or yellow. This timeless plain is chosen to fit into your bed without detracting from its satin sheen.

French silk, woven in Auvergne-Rhône Alpes, made 5 kilometers from the place of weaving, and resulting from an innovative technique to improve the durability of silk.

Oeko-tex certified silk

Safety and night care

The oeko-tex certification attests the absence of 100 harmful substances in the textile. All Benu Blanc pillowcases are Oeko-Tex certified.

Why is it important? Your face will be in contact with this fabric all night long. Your bed linen must be free of any toxic substance.

It is all the stages of production of the fabric which require the respect of the oeko-tex standard. And it is in Auvergne Rhône Alpes, in the cradle of Lyon silk industry, that Benu Blanc silk is woven, dyed and manufactured: a guarantee of quality and respect of the best international standards.

Benu Blanc silk recognized by the press

The excellence and the best of the beauty silk

Since the creation of Benu Blanc, prestigious magazines have highlighted the French silk pillowcases, resulting from the know-how developed by companies labeled Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant.

Elle, Madame Figaro, Cosmopolitan, Gala, Monsieur and many others have written about the innovation, the quality and the French exception developed by Benu Blanc.

The pillowcase chosen by consumers

Users' opinions: what the testers of the Victoires de la Beauté say

The Benu Blanc silk pillowcase is a beauty care product that has been evaluated blindly (no brand on the product) for several weeks by consumers. What are their opinions?

"Very soft" Anthony, 36 years old

"Pleasant texture to the touch" Mickaël, 46 years old

"Very pleasant silk texture" Carole, 53 years old

This atypical silk, matte in its finish, of strong density for its durability (25 mummies) will pleasantly surprise you. It is unique, like you!

Silk, satin, cotton, polyester and percale

Silk or satin pillowcase?

What is the difference between silk and satin? Silk is a natural fabric, made from silk cocoons. Satin is not a material, it is a weaving technique. There is therefore silk satin, cotton satin or polyester satin.

Beware, if you find a satin pillowcase at a very low price, it is probably polyester satin, an artificial material derived from petrol. Polyester has no beauty properties and will not help moisturize your face or make your hair look beautiful.

What about percale? Percale is also a weaving technique: weaving of fine threads tightly together. Very often it is cotton percale: a percale appreciated for its softness and durability. However, cotton percale retains the highly absorbent properties of cotton, and therefore dries out the skin while creating moist conditions in the pillow, which benefits dust mites. For cases of acne or skin blemishes, this leads to over-inflammation of the skin throughout the night.

Only silk fiber, 100% silk, will provide you with the benefits of silk: skin and hair moisture preservation, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial and anti-mite. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase means caring for your skin and hair all night long.

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