Self Sublimation: for those in search of perfection

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Box contents

1 100% silk pillowcase, size and color of your choice

1 pillow mist with silk microbeads

6 pure silk eye contour patches

1 silky eye contour serum, 20 ml

1 celestial silk soap 80 gr

Individual value of products: €274. Retail price of the box: €189

This box is dedicated to the best silk products, resulting from Benu Blanc's innovations in textile and cosmetic silk. It will satisfy those who are looking for perfection for their skin, their hair and their well-being.

Sublimation de Soi(e) brings together the best sellers of Benu Blanc:

  • The 100% pure silk pillowcase, woven and made in France
  • Bergamot Regenerating pillow mist with silk micropearls
  • The celestial soap with precious silk, face and body
  • Pure silk patches, for a regenerated eye contour
  • The silky eye contour serum, to smooth puffiness, hydrate and brighten the eyes

The perfect skin routine

To obtain sublime skin, use the following protocol:

- clean your face with the celestial soap with precious silk , evening and morning: this cleansing treatment should be lathered on damp skin, then left for two minutes and rinsed. The ingredients of this superfatted and cold saponified soap will cleanse and nourish the skin . No tightness effect, the skin is hydrated thanks to silk, white clay, and True Shea shea butter.

- moisturize the eye area with the silky serum , every evening and every morning. Its 100% natural formula will nourish the sensitive skin around the eyes. Proven effectiveness on hydration, anti-puffiness effect , and on signs of aging.

- once or twice a week, apply pure silk patches to provide your skin with the best of silk proteins, in their pure state. Moisten the patch with water, apply to the eye area for 10 minutes. Remove the patches, rinse them and dry them. Reuse twice then compost.

You can also use the patches by moistening them with two pumps of silky eye serum. After leaving for 10 minutes, rinse the patches and let them dry; you can reuse them.

- in the evening, mist your silk pillowcase with bergamot mimosa mist . Silk is hydrophobic, it respects the hydration of your skin. All night long, your cells will optimize their regeneration time. Thanks to the anti-mite and antibacterial properties of silk, you will soothe your skin.

Hair care, sleeping on silk pillowcase

Keratinocytes, the cells that make up hair, are attacked all day long by cold, heat, and certain hair products. At night, contact with silk helps preserve the hydration of the hair and makes it more beautiful, day after day.

Well-being: the pillow mist that soothes you

The regenerating Bergamot pillow mist is the olfactory signature of Benu Blanc. Praised by its customers and the press, this mist soothes and relaxes you. Spray 3 to 5 clouds of the mist on your pillow and let yourself be carried away into a cocoon of well-being.

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