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Soie certifiée oeko-tex
The benefits of Silk Night

The 100% mulberry silk pillowcase and the Bergamot pillow mist with silk microbeads help optimize cell regeneration.

The benefits for your face:

- optimal hydration all night long. In the long term, a well-moisturized skin resists better to the appearance of the signs of age.

- a beautiful complexion with the complementarity of silk and bergamot

Benefits for your hair:

- thanks to the protective and moisturizing effect of silk, your hair is healthier, shinier, better coated, and easier to style

- Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang and Sandalwood contained in the 100% natural pillow mist contribute to the soothing of the scalp and the protection of the hair

Benefits for your sleep:

Benu Blanc pillow mist is innovative thanks to the unique patented technology of microencapsulation with silk beads. This allows to diffuse during 6 to 8 hours the properties of the aromatic actives of Bergamot, Ylang-ylang and Sandalwood.

Immediately, you will be soothed by the natural aromatic active ingredients: the combination of aromatherapy and aromachology acts on your stress level and relaxes you. The release is immediate.

Description of the box

This Silk Night set contains a 25 count mulberry silk pillowcase in a square format, and the natural Bergamot regenerating pillow mist with silk microbeads.

Format of the 100% pure silk pillowcase: standard square 65x65cm

Benu White silk features: 25 count fabric for maximum durability and resistance to machine washings.

The Benu Blanc silk is woven and made in France. It is certified Oeko-tex (free of 100 harmful substances).

The aspect of the silk pillowcase is matt, not shiny, not slippery thanks to an innovative weaving technique made in France.

We have favored a modern approach to the silk pillowcase, where it matches perfectly with your bed linen and your household linen.

The regenerating Bergamot pillow mist has a 100% natural formula. You will be able to make about 350 sprays (50 ml). We recommend spraying 3 to 5 clouds of pillow mist on your silk pillowcase every night.

Color: Deep and intense night gray

Night gray: This gray color is intense and soothing. It is stronger than pearl gray but less bold than charcoal gray.

This Night Grey will go very well with linens and bedding in white, natural, pink, bluish, or dark tones.

Tips for a nightly routine

1) Before bedtime, spray 3 to 5 clouds of pillow mist on your silk pillowcase. Wait a few moments

2) You can lie down and let go: the aromatherapy of the pillow mist soothes you. Let the calm and serenity take you away. Sleep deeply and serenely.

3) When you wake up, your skin and hair are well hydrated and healthy, your complexion is rested.

Machine washing of silk: tips

The Benu White pillowcase is 100% silk and has a density of 25 mms. This exceptional density gives it an excellent resistance and durability. The Benu White silk pillowcase is machine washable and ironable for a perfect finish on the bed.

We recommend a machine wash at 30°c with a delicate program, a soft detergent and fabric softener . We also recommend a natural drying without direct sunlight, and a wet or steam ironing on the reverse side.

Please note that silk is a natural fiber. No matter how dense it is, there are factors that inevitably damage it: all aggressive detergents should be avoided. These detergents contain enzymes, and are often rated as "cold active". We therefore strongly advise against the so-called "cold active detergents". They damage, irritate and dry out the silk fiber irreversibly.

To keep your 100% silk Benu Blanc pillowcase for months, we recommendadding fabric softener to the wash cycle, not filling the machine completely, hanging your pillowcase as soon as the machine has finished spinning and letting it dry naturally and without direct sunlight.

The night is an important time of regeneration for the skin. It is from this observation that Nuit de Soie was developed, the first ritual of
night care.
Nuit de Soie is two complementary 100% natural products, a silk pillowcase and a silk protein-based care mist, which fully mobilize the skin's sensory sensors to create a complete beauty ritual for more beautiful, smoother, softer, younger skin. Regenerated.

The main benefits of the Nuit de Soie ritual:

  • Skin hydration and hair health: thanks to the properties of silk
  • Immediate well-being effect with the pillow mist: relaxation and facilitation of your sleep

An exceptional silk for a cosmetic pillowcase made in France


This color Gris de la Nuit was chosen for its intense and assertive character. This gray color harmonizes very well with many sets. The silver medallion enhances the high-end character of the silk pillowcase.

The silk selected by Benu Blanc is 100% natural. Hydrophobic, unlike cotton which is hydrophilic, it does not alter the water balance of the skin, does not dry it, respects its protective film.
It is naturally hypoallergenic. It combines the richness of silk with the touch of cotton, for a soft and comforting caress that lasts all
night, for months.

The promise of Nuit de soie: immediate well-being, continuous beauty with the 100% pure silk pillowcase and the regenerating Bergamot mist

It is by mobilizing throughout the night the sensory sensors of the skin that the Benu Blanc care mists fulfill 100% of their role in terms of regeneration, beauty and well-being.

The regenerating Bergamot mist, olfactory signature of the brand and best-seller of Benu Blanc, brings calm, soothing and serenity. Its powdery and citrus notes offer a reassuring olfactory environment every night.

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Bonne qualite


Offert a ma femme qui a adore


Je ne veux plus quitter mon lit ! 2 jours d utilisation et je trouve deja mes cheveux plus doux et brillants. J ai l impression que je m endors plus vite grace a la brume d oreiller que je trouve dingue.

Nouveauté adoptée

Je ne connaissais pas ce rituel mais je l ai vite adopte.


Tres belle taie. Bien emballee dans une boite ronde que j ai garde. Odeur de la brume top

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