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Product description

Nuit de Soie is a ritual composed of a silk pillowcase and beauty and well-being pillow mists.

For this capsule collection, 2 pillowcase formats are available:

- Square format 65 cm x 65 cm. European standard, suitable for the vast majority of square pillows.

- Rectangular format 50 x 70 cm. European standard, this rectangular format fits most rectangular pillows and physiological pillows.

The Benu White silk pillowcase is made from 100% natural mulberry silk fiber, dense, soft, prodigiously comfortable.

The beauty and well-being pillow mist Ylang-ylang protector: 50 ml or 350 sprays or 2 months of use every night.

Micro-pearl pillow mist 100% natural, multi-sensory, with active ingredients encapsulated in silk proteins for a prolonged action up to 8 hours in a row, to be sprayed
every evening on the pillowcase at bedtime

A sandy beige color

Sand beige: a warm and natural color, reminiscent of a golden sand beach.

This luminous and slightly pinkish beige will bring to your room a touch of softness and cocooning.

Copper medallion, beige label Anaïs x Benu Blanc.

Advice on how to use the ritual

1) With a simple gesture, spray a cloud of protective Ylang-ylang mist on your Benu
White silk pillowcase. Wait a few moments

2) Now all you have to do is lie back and enjoy the moment that is yours. Sleep...

3) Observe when you wake up: you are well rested, your skin is better hydrated, your hair is healthier.

Tips for caring for a silk pillowcase

This natural silk, woven and made in France, is machine washable at 30°c, delicate program. Preferably, use a soft liquid detergent. Enzyme-based detergents should be avoided (low-temperature detergents): silk is a natural fiber and enzymes can damage it.

Silk can be ironed on the reverse side, at a gentle temperature.

Dry naturally, avoid direct sunlight.

It is during the night that the skin regenerates. What's the point of applying a cream before going to bed if it's the pillowcase that benefits from it?
It is from these observations that Nuit de Soie was developed, the first ritual of
night care.
Nuit de Soie is two complementary 100% natural products, a silk pillowcase and a silk protein-based care mist, which fully mobilize the skin's sensory sensors to create a complete beauty ritual for more beautiful, smoother, softer, younger skin. Regenerated.

The main benefits of the Nuit de Soie ritual:

  • Skin hydration and hair health: thanks to the properties of silk
  • Immediate well-being effect with the pillow mist: relaxation and facilitation of your sleep

An exceptional silk for a cosmetic pillowcase made in France

The silk selected by Benu Blanc is 100% natural. Hydrophobic, unlike cotton which is hydrophilic, it does not alter the skin's water balance, does not dry it out, respects its protective film.
It is naturally hypoallergenic. It combines the richness of silk with the touch of cotton, for a soft and comforting caress that lasts all
night, for months.

The promise of Nuit de soie: immediate well-being, continuous beauty with the 100% pure silk pillowcase and the care mists

It is by mobilizing throughout the night the sensory sensors of the skin that the Benu Blanc care mists fulfill 100% of their role in terms of regeneration, beauty and well-being.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Très belle capsule !

Cette capsule est de très belle qualité, le coloris de la taie beige poudré assorti de la brume d'oreiller Ylang Ylang est parfait pour un sommeil de qualité
Mes cheveu secs ont retrouvé de la souplesse et de la brillance

J'adore !

Je connaissais blanc des nuages, je viens de m'offrir la Collection capsule Anaïs Grangerac : taie d'oreiller en soie beige sable & brume Ylang-ylang. J'aime beaucoup cette couleur et la brume sent divinement bon. J'adore ! Tout est sublime, comme tous les produits Benu Blanc d'ailleurs ! Pas une nuit sans ma taie d'oreiller en soie !

Sublime capsule : couleur magnifique et odeur apaisante

J'ai adoré cette collection capsule découverte sur l'instragram d'Anaïs. J'ai pris deux rituels : un pour moi et un pour offrir à ma soeur. C'est trop beau, ça sent trop bon et pour mes cheveux c'est vraiment top. Merci Anaïs, vraiment j'adore !

Juste WOW

Le coffret est absolument MAGNIFIQUE. Un veritable ecrin qui renferme une taie en soie d un spendide beige legerement rose. Le parfum de la brume ylang est juste incroyable. Elle me rappelle tellement les vacances. Merci pour ce beau voyage !

Sublime !

Je trouve ce coffret extremement bien fait et tres luxueux. La taie d oreiller en soie est de grande qualite avec des finitions plus que parfaites. Le petit zip en cuivre est comme un bijou. L odeur de la brume me fait penser au monoi. C est exquis pour s endormir et faire de jolis reves d iles paradisiaques

Silk woven and made in Auvergne Rhône Alpes

Silk made in France: the choice of Anaïs and Benu Blanc

Benu Blanc silk is truly made in France: it is woven in France, in the cradle of Lyon silk. It is then made in a workshop labeled Living Heritage Company, 5 kilometers from its place of weaving. Made in France is not only one step in the manufacturing of a product: all the steps are important, it is a philosophy, a state of mind, an entrepreneurial and industrial choice.

For Benu Blanc, as for Anaïs Grangerac, to value the made in France is to put an exceptional know-how at the heart of very high quality products.

Benu Blanc silk is also unique: the weaving technique is the result of an innovation thought for its users. This matte silk blends perfectly with your usual bed linen, without being too shiny or satin. Benu Blanc 100% silk pillowcases are made to last: you can wash your silk pillowcase in the washing machine, at 30°c, in delicate program.

Ylang-ylang, the protective hair care

Ylang-ylang pillow mist: well-being and hair care

Ylang-ylang is often called "the flower of flowers" or "the flower of love". Its smell will make you travel to a sweet summer beach for a nap in the shade of the mangrove trees. Its fragrance is reminiscent of jasmine, lilac, narcissus, hyacinth and clove.

For hair, Ylang-ylang protects dry or damaged hair. It is particularly indicated for curly or textured hair. In this Ylang-ylang pillow mist to be sprayed on your silk pillowcase, it is a protective care that you do to your hair, all night long .

Holistic Beauty

Sleep with a silk pillowcase: benefits for the skin and hair

The silk pillowcase has many benefits for the skin and hair. Anallergic, anti-mite, anti-bacterial fabric, sleeping on silk-covered pillows limits the inflammatory processes of the skin. As a hydrophobic material, silk respects the hydration of your skin (whose cells contain 70% water). The face is thus more rested and better hydrated: the anti-aging action of silk lies in its ability to avoid skin dryness, a source of accelerated signs of aging.

For the hair, silk also brings the benefits of a respected hydration. Dry, damaged, brittle or sensitized hair needs optimal hydration. The pillow mist with Ylang-Ylang essential oil and silk proteins completes this treatment and nourishes the hair fiber.

Anaïs and the Benu Blanc team

A human adventure, at the heart of women's entrepreneurship

The story of this capsule collection is also a story of connections and conviction. Anaïs, Fanny and Valérie share the same values of benevolence, heritage enhancement, innovation and excellence.

These values are synthesized in Nuit de Soie, which they develop together during a whole year: from the choice (difficult!) of the color, to the reformulation of the Ylang-ylang mist, to the packaging - still made in France - to the small details that make all the difference like the zipper with the copper medallion and the matching label. At each step, Anaïs, Fanny and Valérie wanted the best for everyone involved, and especially for you!

Silk: the noblest of fabrics

Silk, satin or cotton? Why adopt this exceptional silk

Silk is an entirely natural material. Its fibers come from the silk cocoon.

Satin, on the other hand, is not a material but a weaving technique that makes the fabric smooth and shiny. Silk satin exists, but most of the time you will find polyester (synthetic) or cotton satin.

To obtain the beauty properties of preserving the skin's moisture and hair care, you must choose silk.

If you find a satin pillowcase without specifying the material, then it is usually synthetic polyester, and it has no beauty properties.

Silk pillowcase and pillow mist 100% natural

More than just bedding: a holistic beauty ritual

The silk pillowcase and the Ylang-ylang pillow mist with silk pearls is truly a ritual of beauty and well-being. Much more than a simple bed linen, the silk pillowcase takes care of the skin and hair. The pillow mist with Ylang-ylang essential oil brings you serenity. With the scent of monoi, it transports you on vacation and soothes you. You feel good, you sleep better: here is a gesture of holistic beauty, of global beauty where your well-being is part of your beauty.

Ylang-ylang essential oil is combined with sweet orange, petit grain and sandalwood to create a chord of soothing notes, a true night-time fragrance. These essential oils are micro-dosed thanks to Benu Blanc's patented technology: microencapsulation with silk beads. You benefit from the properties of essential oils while having an optimized dosage for skin tolerance.

Every evening, spray a cloud of pillow mist on your ears covered with Benu Blanc silk pillowcases: immediately you will be transported in an atmosphere of well-being, and throughout the night your skin and hair will enjoy the benefits of the Ylang-ylang pillow mist with silk beads.

capsule collection Benu Blanc x Anaïs Grangerac

Creation and manufacturing

in France, for you

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