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Soie certifiée oeko-tex
Description of the 100% silk pillowcase

Pillowcase 100% pure mulberry silk, density 25 mommes, standard square format 65 cm x 65 cm.

Silk certified Oeko-tex (free of 100 harmful substances), woven in France, made in France.

Silk pillowcase with a zipper, decorated with a silver medallion with the symbol of the house Benu Blanc: the logo of Benu, synonymous with the Phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from its ashes. This bird symbolizes the rebirth of French silk and the eternal youth brought by silk.

European standard square format that fits most square pillows.

Small tip: In case of gift and uncertainty on the size of the silk pillowcase for its/their destination, we recommend the square format because it also fits rectangular formats.

Density 25 mommes, why? The momme is a Japanese unit of measurement that refers to the density of the fabric. It corresponds to 112 g/m2. Thanks to this density, the Benu White silk pillowcase is resistant and machine washable.

A real commitment to the Made in France: Benu Blanc silk is woven in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. It is indeed since the 14th century that France has developed exceptional skills in the weaving and finishing of silk. Lyon's silk fabrics are a cultural and historical reference. Benu Blanc is at the heart of the French cosmetic silk industry, and has chosen to enhance the exceptional know-how of France to bring you the best of the high quality and the French Art de Vivre.

This silk is also the result of an innovative weaving technique that makes it matt and non-slip. The silk pillowcase according to Benu Blanc goes out of the codes of the satin-glossy-slip silk to offer you the best of silk with comfort and modernity.

Color: cloud white / natural white

Cloud White is a natural white, slightly ecru. It draws from a slightly champagne tone a natural color that stands out from pure white.

This natural color will blend perfectly with bedding and linens in pastels, blues, greens, pinks, or intense colors.

Tips for the care of the pure silk pillowcase

The Benu White silk pillowcase, all natural and 25 mum density, is machine washable, delicate program 30°c with a soft detergent and softener. It can be ironed with steam for a perfect finish.

To optimize the durability of your 100% silk pillowcase, we recommend:

* delicate wash program

* liquid detergent

* fabric softener

* Lay out the pillowcase as soon as the machine has finished its cycle

* ironing on the reverse side and with steam

* wash every week

Silk being a natural fiber, it remains sensitive to certain factors. We recommend:

* no aggressive detergents, enzyme detergents: no so-called "cold active" detergents

* no overloaded machines

* no more than 400 rpm in the washing and drying cycles

* no direct sunlight for drying

The benefits of the pillowcase 100% mulberry silk Benu White :

  • Skin care: respect for skin hydration all night long, antibacterial, anti-mite, anti-allergic.
  • Hair care: shine and health of the hair. Excellent to accompany the care of dry, brittle, damaged or fragile hair.
  • A new sensoriality: a matte silk of 25 mommes. It is unique and innovative, developed in France for beauty silk.

An exceptional silk for the first 100% mulberry silk cosmetic pillowcase made in France

The Benu Blanc pillowcase has been thought as a cosmetic care for the night to be a time of regeneration for your face and your hair.

)Made in France, with all the know-how of excellence of the French craft industry, this silk, in contact with the skin, favors the cellular renewal. Its weaving technique is unique: it allows to obtain a matt and modern silk, in contrast to the shiny and satiny silk.

The benefits of silk for your skin and hair

Our skin often suffers from dryness as a result of the effects of the environment in which we live on a daily basis. During the day, our skin fights relentlessly against these attacks. It weakens, and in particular becomes dehydrated. And yet, hydration is the primary source of youth. But what does this have to do with silk? Silk is composed of a polymer of naturally hydrophobic proteins, which means that Silk does not absorb water from the skin. All night long, silk will provide optimal hydration.

Another benefit: rather than absorbing your night cream or cosmetics, silk allows them to act all night long on your skin. You prolong the benefits of your cosmetics.
For the hair, silk ensures a better hydration and also a reduction of the rubbings for a better sheathing and hair in better health.

Finally, silk is also non-allergic, antibacterial and anti-dust mite. It is perfect to fight against acne, eczema and all the small dermatological problems that you could meet.

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