Blue silk pillow case + mist

Soie certifiée oeko-tex
The benefits

The 100% pure silk pillowcase and the Bergamot Renegade Pillow Mist with silk microbeads improve cell regeneration.

Benefits for the skin :

- optimized hydration all night long

- A beautiful complexion thanks to the combination of silk and bergamot

Hair benefits :

- optimized conditioning for healthier hair

- Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang and Sandalwood in the pillow mist help soothe the scalp and add shine to the hair

Benefits for the sleep:

Benu Blanc pillow mist uses a unique patented technology of microencapsulation with silk beads. This allows the properties of the aromatic actives of Bergamot, Ylang-ylang and Sandalwood to be diffused throughout the night.

From the very first moments, you will feel soothed by the natural aromatic actives: the combined effect of aromatherapy and aromachology help you relax and improve your sleep.

Product description

This box contains a mulberry silk pillowcase with 25 mummies, and a regenerating Bergamot pillow mist with silk microbeads.

Size of the 100% pure silk pillowcase : square 65x65cm (standard)

Type of silk: 100% natural fabric, 25 mumms for maximum durability and resistance to machine washings. The aspect is matte, not shiny, not slippery thanks to an innovation of weaving (made in France). The Benu White silk pillowcase matches perfectly with the bed linen and the household linen.

The pillow mist, 100% natural formulation, contains about 350 sprays (50 ml). We recommend 3 to 5 sprays on your silk pillowcase each night.

Color: Dream Blue, Night Blue

Blue of Dreams: soothing night blue.

This blue is a midnight blue that will blend perfectly with bed linens in white, beige, gold, blue, or pink.

Tips for using the night ritual

1) every night, mist 3 to 5 times the Benu White silk pillowcase. Wait a few moments

2) You can lie down and let the aromatherapy of the pillow mist soothe you. Sleep deeply and serenely.

3) When you wake up, you will see that your features are rested, your skin and your hair are well hydrated and healthy.

Tips for washing silk

The pillowcase 100% pure silk 25 mommes Benu White is machine washable. It can be ironed for a perfect finish on the bed.

Machine wash 30°c, delicate program, soft detergent and softener, natural drying, ironing with steam (silk setting).

However, we remind you that silk is a natural fiber. Even with a density of 25 mms, certain agents will damage it: all aggressive detergents must be avoided. These detergents contain enzymes, and are often noted "active even when cold. We strongly advise you not to use detergents called "cold active detergents".

To maximize the durability of your 100% silk pillowcase, we advise you not to fill the machine completely, to lay out your pillowcase as soon as the machine has finished running, and to let it dry naturally without direct sunlight.

Nuit de Soie is Benu Blanc's best-selling beauty and wellness ritual. The silk pillowcase and the 100% natural beauty and well-being pillow mist transform your night into a treatment for your face, hair and well-being.

The beauty and well-being pillow mist contains natural silk proteins that microencapsulate aromatic actives. This patented technology allows the beauty and well-being care to be diffused all night long. Nuit de Soie has won a Victoire de la Beauté award and two Cosmeticmag Awards.

The main benefits of the Nuit de Soie ritual:

  • Skin hydration and hair health: thanks to the properties of silk
  • Immediate well-being effect with the pillow mist: relaxation and ease of falling asleep

An exceptional silk for a cosmetic pillowcase made in France

Silk by Benu Blanc is 100% natural. Hydrophobic, unlike cotton which is hydrophilic, it does not alter the skin's water balance, does not dry it out, respects its protective film.
It is naturally hypoallergenic. It combines the richness of silk with the touch of cotton, for a soft and comforting caress that lasts all
night, for months.

This silk is woven and made in Isère, in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. Its particular weaving technique allows to obtain a matt and non-slippery silk, for a resolutely modern look and feel.

The promise of Nuit de soie: immediate well-being, continuous beauty with the 100% pure silk pillowcase and the care mists

It is by mobilizing throughout the night the sensory sensors of the skin that the Benu Blanc care mists fulfill 100% of their role in terms of regeneration, beauty and well-being.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Marie-Françoise SCHERRER
Très satisfaite des produits

Les taies correspondent tout à fait à mes attentes, tant au niveau de la qualité du tissu, des coloris et du confort. Cependant, un effort pourrait être fait pour réduire l'emballage des taies carrées bleues.

Aurélia Polski
Très beau cadeau

J'ai fait un heureux avec cette taie d'oreilelr en soie ! Un bleu profond et magnifique. Mon compagnon était très content et il l'utilise tous les soirs.

Caroline D

Je suis enchantée de cet achat ,j’en suis à mon 4ème! 2 rouges 2 bleus !
Très belle facture ,merci !

Michèle HALAIS
Très bien

Très agréable au toucher. Aucun regret.

Nina lauvergeat