Rectangular silk pillowcase Night Grey


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Description: pillowcase 100% silk 25 mommes made in France

The Benu White silk pillowcase is the most qualitative of the current offer:

- 25 mommes (density of 112 g/m2). to allow excellent resistance and machine washing . This pure silk pillowcase has also an excellent durability: it is not fragile to small snags, as those due to a three days beard for example.

- Oeko-tex certified , free of 100 toxic substances. The Benu Blanc silk pillowcase has also received innovation awards including a Victoire de la Beauté and two CosmeticMag Awards.

- a matt silk pillowcase with an almost cotton-like feel. The weaving of the Benu Blanc silk pillowcase is a French innovation. Thanks to this we obtain a matt silk resolutely modern, which moves away from the classic codes of the shiny silk satin and slippery. The Benu White silk pillowcase integrates with the household linen and the interior decoration. It blends into your interior.

- Origin : made in France. Benu Blanc silk is woven, made, assembled in France. The made in France is a value in the heart of Benu Blanc. In France, the textile represents 100 000 jobs, privileging the French textile is preserving an entire industrial fabric.

Color: Night Grey

The Night Grey is a deep, soothing, soft grey.

This gray is darker than a pearl gray, but less intense than an anthratice gray. We have created it to match your bed linen in white, beige, pink and silver colors. It will also enhance your bed linens in the colors of the night register: bluish, gray and dark shades.

100% silk pillowcase finishing: zip and medallion

For a flawless finish on your bed, the Benu White silk pillowcase is closed with an invisible zipper decorated with a silver medallion.

The silver medallion is the symbol of the brand: a phoenix (another name for Benu), a mythical bird symbolizing rebirth and eternal youth.

Rectangular format 50cm x 70 cm

This rectangular format of the silk pillowcase is a standard European format for rectangular pillows.

It also fits the vast majority of physiological pillows.

Machine washable in a delicate program with softener

We recommend that the silk pillowcase be machine washed, with mild detergent, fabric softener, delicate program 30°c (or less than 200 rpm) and steam ironing.

For all the detailed information, you can consult our article here.

Soie certifiée oeko-tex

The benefits of the 100% pure silk Benu Blanc pillowcase:

  • Skin hydration and hair health : thanks to the properties of silk
  • A new sensoriality: a matte silk of 25 mommes. It is unique and innovative, developed for the beauty linen

An exceptional silk for the first 100% silk cosmetic pillowcase made in France

The silk selected by Benu Blanc is 100% natural.
Hydrophobic, unlike cotton which is hydrophilic, it does not alter the
hydric balance of the skin, does not dry it, respects its protective film. It is naturally hypoallergenic. It combines the richness of silk with the touch of cotton, for a soft and comforting caress that lasts all night, for months.

Benu Blanc pillowcases offer the luxurious sensuality of dense, matte silk to create a comfortable cocoon for the skin and complement any decor.

Each Benu White pillowcase is handmade which makes a unique piece (like you!). It can therefore present differences or irregularities that make the charm of the exceptional craft.

The benefits of silk for your skin and hair

Our skin often suffers from dryness, a result of the effects of the environment in which we live on a daily basis. During the day, our skin fights relentlessly against these attacks. It weakens, and in particular becomes dehydrated. And yet, hydration is the primary source of youth. But what does this have to do with silk? Silk is composed of a polymer of proteins that are naturally hydrophobic, meaning that silk does not absorb water from the skin. All night long, silk will provide optimal hydration.

Another benefit: rather than absorbing your night cream or cosmetics, silk allows them to act all night long on your skin. You prolong the benefits of your cosmetics.
For the hair, silk ensures a better hydration and also a reduction of friction for a better sheathing and healthier hair.

Finally, silk is also non-allergic, antibacterial and anti-dust mite. It is perfect to fight against acne, eczema and all the dermatological problems you may encounter.

The Benu Blanc silk is particularly adapted to optimize the effects of the care mists throughout the night. Personalize your moment of well-being and your beauty care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Pascale MASSEL

Premiere utilisation cette nuit et je m'attendais à ce que le tissu soit plus doux ; c'est peut-être normal.
Je vais voir le résultat au niveau de ma peau dans la durée.

Sylvie T

Texture de la soie surprenante mais l on s habitue rapidement .
Combo avec la brume bergamote parfait

celine boucher
Ravie 😍

Très satisfaite de ma taie, problème de peau (micro kyste) réduit, teint moins terne et tissu très agréable. Je recommande ce produit.


Mes cheveux sont beaux apres une nuit sur l oreiller. Ils ne sont plus en bataille


Le coloris est vraiment joli. Il s accorde bien avec mon linge de lit. La soie est agreable et confortable.