Sericyne pure silk two-sided square pillowcase

Soie certifiée oeko-tex
Description: two-sided pure silk and textile silk pillowcase

This silk pillowcase is unique in the world:

- one side of pure silk, non-woven silk; to bring you the benefits of silk proteins in their natural state

- a side of textile silk, to give you the benefits of textile silk for hydration and soothing effect

We draw your attention to the non-woven silk: it is silk in its natural state. The non-woven silk is slightly rigid (like a cocoon); it may surprise you to the touch.

We recommend sleeping on the pure silk side one to three times a week depending on needs: once a week for anti-aging treatment; two to three times a week for an anti-acne treatment.

Color: natural white and copper edging

The non-woven silk is natural white, untreated. It is therefore a white which is close to a soft beige.

The face of textile silk is white in color.

The edge of the silk pillowcase is copper to give an exceptional touch to this unique product in the world.

Dimensions: square 45 x 45 cm

The dimension of this pillowcase in pure silk and textile silk is 45cm by 45 cm in order to optimize the surface in contact with the face and hair.

Pure Silk Pillowcase Care

To continue to benefit from the properties of pure silk, we recommend cold washing, hand washing or dry washing.

Mild or special silk detergent.

We recommend washing the pillowcase separately, letting it dry naturally and flat, and possibly ironing it at low temperature.

Sericyne silk is a living, natural material without additives.
The appearance of silk fibers constitutes the normal and natural evolution of the material, this does not alter its benefits. The silk non-woven is entirely

Silk in its purest form, for a unique pillowcase in the world

Silk is a natural material usually produced in the form of cocoons which are then transformed into thread and then into textile. In the textile processing process, the two main proteins of silk are separated, and only fibroin is present in the silk fabric.

However, in France there is a unique technique in the world for obtaining pure silk, in the form of non-woven fabric *. This silk has exactly the same properties as the silk cocoon. The non-woven silk is manufactured by Sericyne, in the Cévennes regional natural park, and offered by Benu Blanc as part of their joint French silk industry project for uses in skin and hair care . The silk is naturally non-woven flat, then cut into a square or rectangle, and used on one side of the Sericyne pure silk pillowcase. This technology is patented .

* a non-woven is a material whose fabric appearance does not come from a weave but from a natural or composite characteristic. Here, the silk non-woven is entirely natural.

The benefits of pure silk made in the Cévennes in France

Pure silk non-woven brings you all the virtues of silk proteins. These silk proteins are mainly fibroin and sericin.

Fibroin: the silk protein that multiplies the potential of skin cells

Fibroin is used in current medical applications to help with skin healing. For what ? Scientific studies show that upon contact with fibroin, fibroblasts (skin cells) will increase their regenerative power tenfold. This is important because fibroblasts are the skin cells that allow skin cells to produce collagen and elastin necessary to maintain beautiful, youthful skin .

Fibroblasts are also at the heart of skin regeneration and healing.

Sericin: the silk protein that boosts cell regeneration

The other silk protein found in the pure state of silk non-woven fabric is known for its regenerating and healing properties. In another scientific study, pure silk poultices are used for the treatment of burns. Thanks to the properties of silk proteins, healing is promoted and accelerated. To this end, the other properties of silk combine: hypoallergenic, it prevents any type of allergy. Antibacterial and anti-mite, silk will limit the phenomena of inflammation of wounds and skin.

The pure silk pillowcase: for skin that needs healing, regeneration or reduction of inflammatory processes

Pure silk non-woven delivers all the properties of pure silk: regeneration, healing, reduction of all inflammatory processes.

The benefits of pure silk for acne-prone skin

Acne often leaves small scars . Pure silk helps the skin heal better. As demonstrated in clinical studies on scarring, pure silk accelerates healing and improves the aesthetic appearance of scars .

By sleeping all night on the silk pillowcase, the skin will benefit from the healing properties, but also from the antibacterial and anti-mite properties. In fact, the absorbent fabrics usually used in common pillowcases will absorb moisture (perspiration) and create a damp area inside the pillow, conducive to the proliferation of bacteria and mites. When acne-prone skin comes into contact with a pillowcase full of mites and bacteria, it will become overly inflamed and maintain, or even strengthen, acne. The silk pillowcase avoids this phenomenon.

We recommend that people with acne-prone skin sleep on a silk pillowcase, and reinforce this beauty routine by using pure silk two to three nights a week.

The benefits of pure silk to fight the signs of aging

The skin is constantly regenerating, and night time is particularly suitable for skin cells to nourish and evolve. Night is the most favorable time for cell regeneration.

The fight against the signs of aging requires a holistic and global approach. In a complete skincare routine, the silk pillowcase will help maintain optimal hydration thanks to its hydrophobic properties. The pure silk non-woven will additionally provide the properties of silk in its natural state: sericin and fibroin will act together to boost the skin's fibroblasts . Fibroblasts are notably responsible for the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins essential for maintaining firm, youthful skin.

We recommend for an overall anti-aging approach to complement your beauty routine with the use of pure silk one night a week.

This pure silk and classic silk pillowcase is best considered as care for your skin. You will be surprised by the texture of pure silk but amazed by its benefits. Pure silk is slightly stiff: this is due to the presence of sericin, the silk protein so beneficial to skin and hair.

A pillowcase with one side of pure silk non-woven, and one side of woven silk

The Sericyne pillowcase allows you to use pure silk non-woven on one side; and on the other side "classic" woven silk, as you are used to seeing it.

The pure silk non-woven side can be used up to 30 times . You can then renew your pure silk treatment with a refill of pure silk non-woven fabric, available for purchase on the Benu Blanc website.

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Belle soie

Une soie particulière, très pure. Je sens que sur ma peau ça fait de l'effet. J'ai moins de cicatrices et plus du tout de points noirs.

Format carré inhabituel

Le format de la taie d'oreiller est inhabituel. J'ai du trouver un oreiller plus petit. A part ça, la soie est très efficace. J'ai aussi l'impressions que ça fait un peu comme un peeling doux. Je suis contente