Rectangular silk pillow case + mist

Benefits for the skin

First benefit: skin hydration.

For 6 to 8 hours, your face is in direct contact with the 100% silk pillowcase. Silk is a natural material whose first property is to be hydrophobic. Thus, rather than absorbing the water contained in the skin cells (which most other fabrics do), silk contributes to a good water balance.

Second benefit: the effects of inflammation are reduced

The skin needs a healthy environment for a good cell regeneration process. But with a conventional pillowcase, the moisture from perspiration promotes the proliferation of bacteria and mites, which inflame the skin. Redness, pimples and in some cases acne appear. Benu White silk is naturally anti-mite and anti-bacterial. It greatly reduces the effects of skin inflammation due to bacteria and mites.

Third benefit: the regenerating Bergamot pillow mist with silk microbeads (patented technology) will deliver continuously, all night long, the benefits of bergamot, ylang-ylang and sandalwood. These natural active ingredients are known in aromatherapy and aromachology to contribute to cell regeneration and a beautiful natural complexion.

Benefits for the hair

The 100% pure silk Benu White pillowcase improves hair hydration. This benefit is especially important for dry, wavy, curly, textured hair.

The regenerating Bergamot pillow mist also contains Ylang-ylang and sandalwood essential oils. Ylang-ylang is known for its protective effect on hair. Sandalwood is excellent for hair health and scalp balance.

Description of the box

- mulberry silk pillowcase, 25 mums, standard rectangular size 50x70cm, color Gris de la Nuit

- Regenerating Bergamot pillow mist, 50 ml. 100% natural formula containing silk microbeads, patented and exclusive technology of Benu Blanc

Color and texture: Night Grey

Gris de la Nuit is a deep gray. More intense than pearl gray, but not as dark as charcoal gray, Night Gray will work well with bedding and linens in white, pink, bluish, dark or silver tones.

The Benu White silk comes from a special weave that gives it its matte appearance and resistance characteristics.

The Benu White silk pillowcase is made to match most modern or classic decorations thanks to its matte look.

Its density of 25 mms allows it to be machine washable and to have an excellent durability.

Silk pillowcase finishing touches

The 100% pure silk pillowcase from Benu Blanc has a zipper decorated with a silver medallion with the brand's logo, the phoenix.

Benu is indeed synonymous with the phoenix, the eternal bird that rises from its ashes. It symbolizes for Benu Blanc the renewal of French silk and eternal youth.

Tips for using the night ritual

1) Mist a cloud of pillow mist on your silk pillowcase (3 to 5 sprays). Wait a little while (2 minutes).

2) You can lie down, breathe in the soothing scent of the regenerating bergamot and sleep deeply.

3) When you wake up, observe the quality of your skin's hydration and appreciate the uniqueness of your complexion. Within ten days you will begin to see improvements in your hair.

Machine wash of the silk pillowcase

The 100% pure silk pillowcases of Benu Blanc can be washed very well in the washing machine, on a delicate program (less than 400 rpm), at 30°c with a soft detergent and softener.

Drying should be natural, without direct sunlight or radiator; and ironing is recommended, with steam (silk setting) or a pattemouille.

On the other hand, silk is a natural fiber: it will be damaged by enzyme/ cold active detergents; too strong a spinning; machine revolutions of more than 400 rpm; and too intense and fast drying (tumble dryer or radiator should be avoided).

Soie certifiée oeko-tex

The main benefits of the Silk Night ritual:

  • Skin hydration and hair health : thanks to the properties of silk
  • Immediate well-being effect with the Bergamot Mimosa mist : relaxation and ease of falling asleep

An exceptional silk for a cosmetic pillowcase 100% pure silk made in France

The Benu Blanc pillowcase has been thought as a cosmetic care and not as a bed linen: it is not only a support for the beauty and well-being pillow mists, it plays an active role in itself.
The skin's sensory sensors feel the softness of the silk, its caress. It is a tactile pleasure, coming from the textile itself. They send a message to the brain, which then secretes endorphins, favorable to relaxation. The body relaxes. Sleep is better, deeper... But above all, the endorphins contribute to a deep relaxation of the skin tissues, like a facial yoga. The skin relaxes. It becomes smoother.

Made in France, with all the know-how of excellence of the French craft industry, according to the
traditional weaving techniques of the silk manufacturers of Lyon, this silk, in contact with the skin, favors cellular renewal

The promise of Nuit de soie: immediate well-being, continuous beauty

A cloud of regenerating Bergamot Beauty and Wellness Pillow Mist on the Benu Blanc silk pillowcase, in the evening, before going to sleep, helps to find sleep and a deep relaxation.
The next day, when you wake up, your skin is more beautiful and smooth. And, as a bonus, hair

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
taie grise

Je suis satisfaite de mon achat,en effet le contact avec la soie est très agréable,et le fait que la soie ne soit pas brillante me correspond !
Le spray qui accompagne la taie sent très bon mais ne tiens pas longtemps..

Excellente qualité

Conforme à la description, se lave très bien (à la main) et sèche très rapidement. Rien à voir avec le coton, c'est sûr. Les cheveux sont plus beaux et moins decoiffés

Belle soie…

Le contact de cette soie est vraiment différent des autres et elle apporte ce que je recherche douceur des cheveux, plus de noeuds, une peau détendue et douce.
La cerise sur le gâteau une pulvérisation avant de m’endormir avec la brume d’oreiller et mes nuits sont apaisées.
Attention à laver avec une grande douceur (plutôt main) pour éviter de stresser la fermeture éclair de la taie…


Taille parfaite pour mon oreiller ergonomique. Le parfum de la brume d oreiller est agreable.


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