Eucalyptus Purifying: the history and properties of the respiratory mist

The idea emerged quite simply, three years ago, from ordinary everyday life: " My partner had a bad cold. As we were already working on the emergence of Benu Blanc, healing mists were in our conversations. My partner said to me, ' Oh, if only you could make a mist that clears the nose when we go to bed! I hate having a stuffy nose when I sleep. Wouldn 't you have a mist to spray so I can breathe better? " Valerie, co-founder. The idea was launched.

Now it was time to work on finding the best essential oils for the respiratory tract while respecting the Benu Blanc line. " We wanted a mist that was not labeled "medical smell". That was one of the issues in the work sessions to develop our respiratory mist. We had to balance essential oils that act on the respiratory tract with beautiful heart and base notes to make it a wellness and beauty pillow mist " Fanny, co-founder. The whole team of Benu Blanc, in collaboration with a "nose" specialized in natural perfumes, starts to search for the best components to answer a precise specification.

Eucalyptus radiata for the comfort and hygiene of the respiratory tract

There are many species of eucalyptus: eucalyptus radiata, multi-bracted eucalyptus, lemon eucalyptus, eucalyptus globulus and minty eucalyptus. We have chosen to work with eucalyptus radiata whose essential oil is extracted from the leaves by steam training. Its fine, fresh and very pleasant smell is characteristic. Moreover, this EO is not irritating, it is even particularly soft for the skin. It benefits from an exceptional innocuousness: it is one of the few essential oils presenting absolutely no toxic risk.

The properties of Eucalyptus radiata are well known and documented: this major essential oil promotes comfort and hygiene of the respiratory tract, bronchi, throat and nose. It helps to evacuate the secretions by fluidifying them (it is an expectorant and mucolytic). It also has a good antiviral power and it stimulates immunity. Excellent antibacterial, anti-infectious and antiseptic of the respiratory tract, it also has an anticatarrhal effect - it prevents the nose from running. The essential oil of eucalyptus radiata is a remarkable decongestant of the mucous membranes and sinuses. It facilitates the respiratory comfort and calms the cough.

Eucalyptus radiata is also used to accelerate healing: the Australian aborigines take its fresh leaves to dress their wounds. Of course, eucalyptus radiata is also well known for other reasons: koalas feed exclusively on eucalyptus leaves!

Ravintsara, the "pearl" ofaromatherapy for its exceptional antiviral activity

The essential oil of ravintsara is also extracted from the leaves by steam distillation. Its fragrance is fresh, sweet, balsamic and has a characteristic "camphor". Ravintsara in Malagasy means "tree with good leaves". In the West, ravintsara has raised a lot of hopes because of its exceptional antiviral potential. Combined with eucalyptus radiata, the antiviral power is extremely promising. Moreover, it is also a very well tolerated EO.

In terms of properties,its exceptional antiviral activity concerns especially the respiratory tract, even if it is also remarkable against herpes and shingles. Anti-infectious with a good antibiotic activity, it would avoid the risks of superinfection when one has caught a viral disease. Ravintsara EO stimulates the adrenal glands, thus reinforcing immunity. Finally, it is energizing but not exciting: it helps to find the nervous balance, stimulates the psyche, and fights against depression.

The Tea Tree against diseases and parasites

The essential oil of Tea Tree is first of all a versatile anti-infectious: major antibacterial essence known as "broad spectrum". Antiseptic, it disinfects wounds. Antiviral and antiacaric powerful, it is also an anti-parasitic EO. It also strengthens the immune system.

Tea Tree brume soin respiratoire Benu Blanc fabriqué en France aromathérapie aromachologie

Tea Tree is one of the pillars of family aromatherapy. In the 1940s, it was reserved primarily for wounded Australian soldiers because of its well-known antiseptic properties. Even in low doses, it has a very good sanitizing effect. In beauty, it is used for example on pimples for its disinfectant action: its essential oil is active on the germ responsible for acne at a concentration of 5%.

Pine, marjoram and noble laurel: the other EO used for their action on the respiratory tract

We have associated with these main essential oils other components known for their beneficial action on the respiratory tract: pine, marjoram and noble laurel. The anti-infectious, mucolytic and expectorant properties of the noble laurel are particularly interesting and very well documented scientifically. It is also a good analgesic and anti-inflammatory. The marjoram also has an action against the sleep disorders and is used very well in atmospheric diffusion. It was very used in the Middle Ages, when it would have been brought back by the crusaders. The marjoram was used for example to calm the dental pains of Louis XIV.

For the well-being & beauty side: sweet orange, bergamot, lavender, Virginia cedar and patchouli

Sweet orange has relaxing and soothing properties. It calms and induces sleep. It is a top note that we have associated with Bergamot, which is found in all our care mists. Bergamot is indeed an essential oil that calms stress, has a healing action on the skin, brings shine and hair care.

As a heart note, lavandin leads to a natural restorative sleep and would avoid night awakenings. It is excellent for the skin thanks to its healing and anti-itching properties.

In base notes, the Virginia cedar gives a woody side. In beauty it is an excellent essential oil for hair. It is associated with Patchouli for its very good skin properties, especially for a better balance of the skin.

The rest of the development: tests, adjustments and production

We worked a lot on the balance of the olfactory pyramid with many tests (but never on animals!). Then we had to move on to the formulation: we added silk proteins to allow for extemporaneous micro-encapsulation when the mist is sprayed on the silk. This technology is the subject of several patents registered by Benu Blanc. You can see in the "concept" part that the association of the care mists to the 100% silk fabric of Benu Blanc allows to make a molecular fabric. The diffusion of the aromatic actives is thus prolonged all night long to offer you more care and more beauty.

This is how we developed the Eucalyptus Tea Tree pillow mist. For each step, we work with the best French specialists, whether it is for essential oils, olfactory balance, formulation and production. We hope this mist will bring you more peaceful nights. We have been lucky enough to enjoy all its benefits for a few weeks already, a necessary test period before we can offer it to you, and, sincerely, we love it! and you, what do you think of it?

Benu Blanc takes care of you...


Bonjour ! La brume de soins est faite pour être vaporisée sur la taie d’oreiller en soie. Les néo-perles de soie contenues dans la brume permet de diffuser pendant 8 heures les propriétés des huiles essentielles présentes dans la brume. A vous bien-être immédiat et beauté en continu !

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