Aromatherapy for sleep and beauty with rose essential oil

Rose essential oil: the very first essential oil in the world

It was Avicenna (980-1037), the famous Persian physician, nicknamed the "Prince of Philosophers" who made the very first extraction to obtain a pure essential oil, using the rose, which is today one of the most precious essential oils in the world. Avicenna would have used the teachings of the Persians, who are the probable inventors of distillation, to develop the still. From then on, aromatherapy will be part of all his medical writings.

Avicenna, this exceptional character, both doctor and philosopher, is surrounded by a mysterious legend: he would have been also an alchemist, and would have discovered in his quest for science, the secret of immortality. Could this secret be linked to the rose and its exceptional powers? The legend is still mysterious.

The olfactory evocation of the Rose Positivante pillow mist

The essential oil of rose: an emotion above all

The rose resonates in each of us for all the emotional charge, positive or negative, with which it is associated. People who love roses often love them passionately: in lotions, creams, mists, perfumes for themselves, for their clothes, for the house. It reminds them of their childhood, or of a specific person, often a mother or grandmother who loved the perfume and the benefits of the rose.

The rose is one of the most worked flowers by the horticulturists in order to make evolve its fragrances, its form, its colors. In perfumery, the two species richest in essential oil are the most used: Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia. Rose essential oil is very expensive because of its low extraction yield. It takes between 3,800 and 5,200 kg of their roses to produce 1 kg of rose essential oil.

Make rose a nighttime scent for the Rose Positivante pillow mist

For this positivante rose pillow mist, our nose worked around an elegant, soft and sensual rose fragrance, all in discretion to adapt to a night scent. This mist evokes a calm and soothing garden, a garden in which the rosebushes perfume and scent a spring or early summer evening. This evening stroll blends perfectly with the calming and relaxing activity of the rose and Ho Wood.

Huile essentielle rose sommeil

The marriage of Rose and Hô Wood: exceptional essential oils for their benefits

For the emotional part, the rose temporizes, calms: it brings harmony while insufflating a beautiful vital energy and an opening towards the others. For the beauty part, rose essential oil has excellent skin regeneration properties. It is often used in cosmetics for dry skin, mature skin, prevention of wrinkles and redness.

Hô Wood (or Shiu Wood) has a sweet, flowery scent, similar to that of rosewood. It is a very effective essential oil and well tolerated by the skin. It has properties very similar to rosewood. The essential oil of Hô wood is used for its regenerative and purifying virtues on the skin. It helps to fight against skin aging, wrinkles, and skin problems such as acne, eczema and fungal infections. On the psychic level, the Wood of Hô helps to overcome the nervous tiredness, the depressive state and the overwork.

Aromatherapy and bioelectronics: when essential oils are positive or negative

This is amazing research, conducted on the bioelectronic impact of essential oils, which uses the term positivizing essential oil or negativizing essential oil. What does this refer to? To the ability of certain essential oils to remove an electron (positivizing) or add one (negativizing). A positivizing essential oil would correspond to a time when a temperament would need to be calmed.

With Rose Positivante pillow mist, beauty is seen, beauty is felt

As mentioned above, the rose is undoubtedly the queen of flowers, it is at the heart of perfumery but also has many recognized cosmetic properties. Benu Blanc has chosen to associate it with patchouli, Hô wood, Cabreuva and Sandalwood to propose a beauty and well-being pillow mist with silk with multiple positive effects:

On the skin: Rose essential oil - rich in monoterpenol, a regenerating active ingredient - associated with patchouli offer a complete benefit. The skin is fresher, rested and toned.

On hair: Rose has the ability to strengthen the hair fiber andpromotes reconstruction in case of split ends and breakage of dry and damaged hair. Patchouli will fight against dandruff for a healthy scalp.

On well-being: Rose is perfect for relaxation; it relieves tension and stress. In synergy with the essential oil of Hô wood, it contributes greatly to the management of emotions.

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