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The benefits of silk : Benu Blanc

Silk: an exceptional potential in cosmetics and textiles

In cosmetics, silk is very often present in the form of proteins for its moisturizing properties. In contact with the skin and hair, the silk fiber will allow the cells to continue to metabolize and regenerate.

Benu Blanc creates a new generation of care products that advances the effectiveness of cosmetics while advocating the greatest respect for the physiological mechanisms of the skin and hair.

Benu Blanc relies on a major scientific observation: the skin is a multi-sensory organ that contains sensors. These sensors can be activated by silk, and in particular by silk proteins. It is by activating these skin sensors that the different Benu Blanc rituals will act for your beauty and well-being.

Keratinocytes act as skin sensors

The skin is composed of keratinocytes: 2,000 billion multifunctional cells that constitute an envelope, a barrier and a place for exchanges. To do this, keratinocytes are equipped with sensors that are sensitive to light waves, sounds, tastes and emotions. In short, the skin is able to see, hear, smell, feel and taste.

Did you know? Silk activates keratinocytes

Cocons de soie action kératinocytes bienfaits de la soie pour la peau et les cheveux

Silk is naturally composed of two proteins: fibroin and sericin. To obtain the silk thread, these two components are separated:

  • Fibroin, once spun and woven, becomes the textile, silk.
  • Sericin, on the other hand, is used in cosmetics to produce silk protein, for example.

The main idea of Benu Blanc is to recreate the molecular strength of the silk cocoon by the union of the two components of natural silk: fibroin and sericin. Through its first two rituals, Nuit de Soie and Regard de Soie, Benu Blanc has developed an optimal way to use the potential of silk for the skin and hair.

Nuit de Soie: revealing the potential of silk through microencapsulation with silk proteins

Still with the idea of bringing fibroin and sericin together, Nuit de Soie is a ritual that combines Benu Blanc's silk pillowcase (fibroin) with beauty and wellness pillow mists containing silk proteins (sericin).

As the pillow mist is sprayed on the pillowcase, fibroin and sericin, natural components of the silk cocoon, are brought back into contact, they recognize each other and unite again, in a virtuous alliance that fills the skin with benefits.

Sericin allows to recreate the molecular cocoon

Sericin acts as a molecular cocoon that protects the aromatherapy molecules and gradually releases them. Microencapsulation prolongs the effects of its active ingredients.

A patent on extemporaneous microencapsulation

Benu Blanc's first patent defines an encapsulation technology based on silk protein (sericin) allowing the prolongation of the presence of olfactory and aromatic molecules on woven supports.

Benu Blanc received a French Tech grant to support an ambitious research program on this form of microencapsulation by silk proteins. This allowed to demonstrate that Benu Blanc's microencapsulation technology allows to :

  • microdosing of natural aromatic actives, such as essential oils*, while prolonging their diffusion on the skin
  • while prolonging their diffusion on woven support up to 9 hours. Tests have shown an optimal diffusion with Benu Blanc silk**.

Regard de Soie: reveal the potential of silk to moisturize, smooth and tone the eye area

Regard de Soie recreates the molecular strength of the silk cocoon with the silk eye mask and the silky eye serum with sericin vase.

  • The silk mask was woven in France from 100% natural mulberry silk in an exceptional weight and density (112 g/m2 - 25 mms international standard) and is therefore particularly rich in fibroin.
  • The Silky Eye Serum contains a high concentration of sericin, the famous silk protein found in the silk cocoon.

With Regard de soie, fibroin and sericin are brought back into contact, they recognize each other and unite again. Silk is an interesting natural fiber because it is biomimetic due to its composition of amino acids, fibrous proteins that structure the skin: collagen, elastin and keratin. Moreover, it is hydrophobic, which allows a complete assimilation of the formula by the skin and not by the tissue.

Regard de soie with the mask and the Silk Serum activates the cutaneous sensory sensors. This mechanical transduction phenomenon sends a series of messages to the brain, which then secretes molecules that promote relaxation. The features are relaxed. Moreover, this contributes to a deep myorelaxation of the cutaneous tissues, like a yoga of the skin. The skin relaxes. It becomes smoother.
Similarly, the bio-mimicry of silk facilitates the activation of sensory sensors. With Regard de soie, the energetic potential of skin cells is boosted, their natural metabolism is amplified, and the production of skin structure molecules is promoted with an effect on collagen and elastin.

The results are scientifically proven:

1) By a scientific study***

    Immediate effect: significantly moisturizes and smoothes the eye contour area
    After 28 days of use:

    • a significant 18% decrease in the circumference of the crow's feet wrinkle is observed
    • a significant decrease of 24% of the maximum depth of the crow's feet wrinkle is observed

    Preuve efficacité soie sérum contour des yeux et masque en soie Benu Blanc diminution ride de la patte d'oie

    2) By a usage test****

      100% pleasant application of the product
      95% improvement of the appearance of the skin around the eyes
      95% long-lasting smoothing of the eye contour
      90% reduction of dark circles and fine lines
      90% a more rested appearance

      Next steps: revealing the full potential of beauty silk

      Benu Blanc continues to be very active in scientific research on sericin, fibroin, hydrolyzed silk and silk powder. It is a multi-year scientific program that will truly reveal the potential of silk for natural beauty and well-being.


      * Tests of comparison with a synthetic pillow mist, a 100% natural pillow mist from a competitor brand, and Benu Blanc pillow mists.
      ** Woven supports: Benu Blanc 25 mum silk made in France compared to a 19 mum fine silk made in Asia, a cotton fabric & a polyester fabric.
      ***Test on 20 volunteers carried out in France by BIO-EC after application of the Silky Eye Serum in the evening and wearing the silk mask, then application of the Silky Eye Serum in the morning.
      **** Self-administered questionnaire on 20 volunteers after 28 days of evaluation.