Square white silk pillowcase + mist

The benefits

The 100% silk pillowcase associated with the Bergamot pillow mist and silk microbeads boosts the regenerative powers of the skin and hair, by mobilizing its multisensory faculties and creating a molecular cocoon. This is Benu Blanc's original cosmetic approach.

Benefits for your face:

- a better hydration of the skin

- a purer and more even complexion thanks to the combined action of silk and bergamot

Benefits for your hair :

- better hydration that leads to a better coating of the hair fiber

- the regenerating Bergamot pillow mist brings soothing to the scalp and shine to the hair

Benefits for your sleep :

- Bergamot reduces stress and anxiety levels. Combined with sandalwood and ylang-ylang in this 100% natural formula, the benefits of aromatherapy and aromachology help you soothe yourself before sleep.

Product description

This box contains a pillowcase 100% pure mulberry silk, woven and made in France and a regenerating Bergamot pillow mist with silk microbeads.

The format of the silk pillowcase is square, according to the standard 65x65 cm. It fits the vast majority of pillows.

The density of the Benu White silk is 25 mms. Why? To obtain a resistant, durable, matt and soft silk. You won't get the shiny, satin effect that is so unusual in linens. We have innovated with a 100% silk fabric whose weaving technique allows us to control the shine and slippery effect. Benu White silk is unique and modern.

The Bergamot regenerating pillow mist with silk microbeads has a 100% natural formula. It uses aromatherapy and aromachology to bring you skin care, hair health and soothing at bedtime.

The pillow mist contains approximately 350 sprays (50 ml), or two months of spraying on your pillow every night. We recommend 3 to 5 sprays on your silk pillowcase each night.

Color: natural white

Blanc des Nuages: Natural white slightly ecru.

This white is a soft and soothing white. It will match the vast majority of bed linen sets.

Tips for use

1) With a simple gesture, spray a cloud of pillow mist on your silk pillowcase Benu
White. Wait a few moments

2) Lie down, breathe, soothe yourself, sleep...

3) Observe when you wake up: you are well rested, your skin is better moisturized, your hair is shinier and sheathed.

Silk care tips

The Benu White silk pillowcase is durable and machine washable.

We also recommend ironing it to get a nice finish on your bed.

Machine washable at 30°c, delicate program, soft detergent and softener, natural drying, ironing with steam (silk setting).

We draw your attention to the fact that silk is a natural fabric: even with the 25 grams we offer, the silk fiber is damaged if the detergent used is aggressive. All aggressive detergents should be avoided: they contain enzymes, and are often noted as "active even when cold. We therefore ask you not to use a detergent called "cold active".

To truly care for your silk pillowcase, we also recommend that you do not fill the machine completely, that you lay your pillowcase out at the end of the cycle, that you let it dry naturally (without direct sunlight), and that you iron it with steam.

Soie certifiée oeko-tex

It is during the night that the skin and hair regenerate. The silk pillowcase supports this regeneration process thanks to the silk properties: respect for moisturization, anti-bacterial and anti-mite effects.

Nuit de soie, the pillowcase 100% pure mulberry silk and the silk micropearls pillow mists, is a ritual which works throughout the night to bring multiple well-beings to your skin and hair.

Nuit de soie is a completely natural approach, easy to adopt for both women and men: the silk pillowcase ad the silk micropearls pillow mist fully mobilize the skin's sensory sensors in order to create a complete beauty ritual for a more beautiful, smoother, softer, younger skin. Regenerated.

The main benefits of the Nuit de Soie ritual:

  • Skin hydration and hair health: thanks to the properties of silk
  • Immediate well-being effect with the pillow mist: relaxation and facilitation of your sleep


An exceptional silk for a cosmetic pillowcase made in France

100% PURE MULBERRY SILK woven by the finest weavers in France

The silk selected by Benu Blanc is woven in France, in the Lyon region. Why? The reputation of Lyon's silk is built on several centuries of silk expertise. Silk weaving is very particular and requires exceptionnal skills. For the Benu Blanc silk pillowcase, we wanted a matte, modern, resistant and durable silk.

This silk is 100% natural. Hydrophobic, unlike cotton which is hydrophilic, it does not alter the skin's water balance, does not dry it out, respects its protective film.
It is naturally hypoallergenic. It combines the richness of silk with the touch of cotton, for a soft and comforting caress that lasts all
night, for months.

The promise of Nuit de soie: skin hydration, healthy hair, sleep wellness

The regenerating Bergamot silk micropearls pillow mist will mobilize the skin's sensory sensors throughout the night to enhance this important time of regeneration, beauty and well-being.

The pillow mist's formulation is 100% natural and uses aromatherapeutic and aromachological properties to give you a beauty and wellness care. The Bergamot is perfect for skin regeneration, health and hair shine, and it brings a immediate soothing effect. This is also the olfactory signature of Benu Blanc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
La taie d'oreiller en soie que je préfère

J'aime vraiment beaucoup cette soie qui est un tissu noble, élégant, et loin du satin satiné un peu kitch.

Béatrice MORY
Merveilleuse découverte

J'ai découvert des produits innovants et correspondant parfaitement à mes attentes car réellement efficaces. La brume crée une atmosphère empreinte de douceur subtile. la taie protège les cheveux, le tout procurant un réel plaisir.

Laurent Fournier

Odeur de la brume agreable .
Et bonne qualité de la soir

Anne Corelli
Néo Perles de nuit

Que du bonheur ! Le parfum est incroyable !

Jean Pierre Degavre
Taie de soie agréable

Nuit douce pour le moment