Sleep on a silk pillowcase with a beauty and well-being pillow mist

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a true gesture of beauty.

And Benu Blanc goes further than a simple beauty gesture: we have transformed the use of a 100% pure silk pillowcase of the highest quality into a ritual of well-being and beauty. But before we get there, let us tell you more about Beauty Silk.

The concept of Beauty Silk is the use of cosmetics and textiles to bring you a beauty and wellness treatment. We have chosen silk woven and manufactured in France with Oeko-Tex certification and a density of 25 mms, for its exceptional qualities as a fabric, but also as natural molecules for cosmetic products.

For the pillowcase 100% pure silk Benu White, this is done through the association with 100% natural care mists based on aromatherapy and aromachology. The night becomes a care of well-being and beauty. We also have new beauty rituals in the works, but we'll tell you about them in the fall.

Learn more about the bio-affinity of silk

Silk made in France, silk made in France: yes, with excellence and innovation

For several centuries, silk has been at the heart of several crafts in France. There are some very fine skills here, inherited from centuries of silk culture. Indeed, it was in the middle of the 14th century that French sericulture was at its peak. The south of France and the region of Lyon were specialized in silk production. Silk comes from the Bombyx of the mulberry tree: the silkworm feeds only on mulberry leaves. However, the decline of silk production in France was caused by various diseases that affected the bombyx, and other phenomena that created more favorable growing conditions in other countries - for example, the production of mulberry leaves in multi-annual crops in China.

Silk weavers and silk weaving in France: perpetuating the craft of excellence through this noble material

When the two founders of Benu Blanc started to create the Silk of Beauty, they wanted to find the best quality of silk possible in textile. They also wanted to break with the traditional codes of silk: to take the opposite of a fine, slippery and shiny silk. So they met with French companies that produce, weave and/or make silk. On the production side (sericulture), there are few magnaneries (silkworm producers). These silkworm factories are not able to produce enough silk yarns for the demand on the French market. Silk is indeed a noble material that allows for high-end products: silk scarves, silk clothes, silk pillowcases, etc. The major French luxury houses already channel most of the production of the few French magnaneries, and for the rest (the vast majority of their silk consumption for their various products) the luxury houses invest alongside French weavers with a supply of cocoons from around the world.

Silk made in France: a goldsmith's work for weaving and making

The quest for the best silk for Beauty Silk - the concept at the heart of Benu Blanc - has therefore continued with silk weavers in France. There are less than a dozen weavers left in France, mostly located in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. The French weavers are specialized in the crucial stages of transformation of silk cocoons into silk fabric. This requires a goldsmith's work with more than twenty different steps. Their craft is very technical, and each weaver has specific skills.

Silk is the trade of some French weavers for several generations, the made in France is at the heart of specific skills

Thus, Benu Blanc has worked with a partner who has been weaving silk for several generations, to create the beauty linen. Our partner is also the one of great Houses of high fashion. Benu Blanc silk is woven in France: it has been developed to bring you a very high quality Oeko-Tex certified silk. With its density of a little more than 25 mms (=112gr/m²), it is a matt silk, resistant, comfortable, warm and durable. It offers a new, unequalled and unmatched sensoriality.

taie oreiller soie made in france tissage 25 mommes oeko-tex

The silk used for Benu Blanc products, and in particular Nuit de Soie, the ritual composed of a silk pillowcase and a care mist to be sprayed on the pillow, has another particularity: the weave of the fabric (its structure) is particularly favorable to the neo-silk pearls contained in the 100% natural care mist. Benu Blanc's natural microencapsulation technology uses silk peptides that allow the prolonged diffusion of natural aromatic actives. Thus, when you mist your care on the Benu Blanc silk pillowcase, the benefits of the mist are diffused during 7 to 9 hours.

The making of silk in France: craftsmanship of excellence, the best of the high-end and a specific know-how to luxury

Let's move on to the making of the silk, still in France! Silk is a very special fabric, made of natural fibers, and has a specific technicality in its manufacture. Sewing silk, making beautiful silk items requires know-how and a long learning process.

The Benu Blanc team met companies specialized in silk manufacturing in France. They were confronted with a reality of the field: employment in France is much more expensive than in other distant countries. But the manufacture in France is not only more expensive, it is also of excellent quality. Benu Blanc works with a workshop labeled Living Heritage Company: yes, it is not only to preserve the work and skills in France, but also to bring the excellence of exceptional craftsmanship to Benu Blanc customers. The seamstresses of our partner workshop are at the origin of many very qualitative details of our products: invisible fasteners and original sewing techniques for example.

Finally, the employment in France is also more "secure" for the French workers, without entering the debate of the workshops with deplorable conditions, known in other countries. For the Benu Blanc team, the respect of the work and of the human being are at the heart of the company's values.

Benu Blanc silk is the best silk for your beauty and your well-being, especially for your pillowcase 100% pure silk certified oeko-tex and made in France

Let's talk about the technical characteristics of Benu Blanc silk first: Oeko-Tex silk, certified free of more than 200 harmful substances (this is frankly a prerequisite for a textile in contact with the skin). Silk with a density of 25 mommes: yes, we had to go for a higher density to ensure a better durability of the silk. The structure of the fabric itself is best suited to the silk neo-beads contained in the care mists.
Finally, let's talk about the sensoriality of Benu Blanc silk: by its matte side, it has a reassuring, soothing touch. By touching this exceptional material, you will really feel the French luxury products. The excellence, the best quality for you, to take care of you.

Compared to all the silk pillowcases you will find on the market, this one is the only one to be transformed into cosmetic care by the association with the entirely natural pillow mists of Benu Blanc. Nuit de Soie, the ritual composed of a silk pillowcase and care mists, received a Victoire de la Beauté award. This award is given by a jury of consumers who test the product at home, blind (no brand, no marketing) and anonymously. Benu Blanc also received an award in the category of beauty and well-being rituals, awarded by the distributors of the beauty world (Nocibé, Séphora, Marionnaud, parapharmacies networks, selective stores such as Le Bon Marché in Paris). It is a recognition by the professionals of cosmetics for the innovation brought by Benu Blanc and its exceptional products.

The made in France at the heart of Benu Blanc

For the Made in France part, Benu Blanc is a member of the Independent Federation of Made in France. Benu Blanc is also in the partner brands of La Carte Française. Benu Blanc is also referenced by Mon Achat Français, On achète Français and La Beauté Française. These partners are all specialists of Made in France, who like Benu Blanc, do their best to promote companies that not only pay taxes in France, but also create work in France, support the skills developed on the territories, and share values centered on the Human and the respect of work at its fair value.

Beyond a silk pillowcase and natural care mists: silk has real virtues as a cosmetic molecule and as a textile

Silk is one of the few natural textiles that are hydrophobic, i.e. they do not absorb water, or at least much less than cotton. It is also antiallergic and antibacterial.

It brings to the contact of the skin several benefits:

  • hydration by preserving the water contained in the cells of the dermis
  • the effect of cosmetic products is optimized because they are not absorbed (in the cotton of a pillowcase for example)

With the patented technology of microencapsulation by silk peptides, a bio-affinity is created, which is used in several products.

Sericin and fibroin have many properties that allow a better hydration and even anti-aging effects under certain conditions.

Taie d'oreiller 100% pure soie oeko-tex fabriquée en france 25 mommes brumes de soins aromathérapie naturelle beauté bien-être mieux dormir soin cheveux hydratation régénération cadeau noël femme homme fête des mères tissage france

Transform a silk pillowcase into a beauty and well-being treatment with Benu Blanc's 100% natural care mists

When the founding team of Benu Blanc worked on the creation of the company, the scientific council defined a research program to go further than a simple silk pillowcase. The research on the bio-affinity of silk that has been carried out has led to several patents on natural microencapsulation. Indeed, Benu Blanc carries a message of natural beauty and holistic beauty. So, of course, you understood that the Benu Blanc silk pillowcase associated with its care mists is a first ritual we wanted to set up. More to come... Benu Blanc's R&D is going strong, but cosmetic developments are always long. You will soon be able to discover a brand new beauty and well-being ritual based on silk, cosmetic silk and textile... we can't wait to let you discover it. In the meantime, we have been answering requests from the Benu Blanc community on other products such as 100% silk protection masks made in France.

Protective masks 100% pure silk woven and made in France: to take care of your skin and protect your entourage

There are many articles about silk to use in protective masks, and this for two main reasons. The first one is -again- the hydrophobic character of silk and its anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties. The craze started from a scientific study on the use of silk to protect against certain virus particles.

The second is the beauty use: when wearing a protective mask, the skin of the face is in prolonged contact with the mask material. This creates problems of skin sensitization, humidity and hygiene. Silk provides a multiple response here. Specific cosmetic products to fight against "mascné" have appeared. The word "mascné" refers to the problems of pimples and other skin problems created by wearing a protective mask, a barrier mask, for a long time. In some ways, it can look like acne.

For the Benu Blanc team, it's not about making hundreds and hundreds of silk barrier masks. But when we received one, two, then twenty requests from the Benu Blanc community to make 100% silk barrier masks, we decided to make a few. We first made a very small batch of silk face masks. They were quickly bought by our users. So we made another small series of 100% silk barrier masks.

We saw the delays for the approvals, and by choice, we decided to stay with these very small series of masks without claiming a classified use. The silk masks we offer have three layers of silk. We have worked a lot on their comfort, but we do not see this product as a perennial product for Benu Blanc and for the Society at large. We hope that the pandemic will soon be behind us and that we can all live without masks. We make the choice to make a few copies of 100% silk protection masks, made in France and of very good quality; but we will not go towards an industrialization of our 100% silk barrier masks.

Pillowcases with care mists, protection mask to use with the Eucalyptus Tea Tree mist, and soon great novelties will be revealed to you at the beginning of the year!

Benu Blanc, naturally beautiful every time you wake up

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