Exfoliating silk cocoons

Product description

15 natural silk cocoons from a French production of excellence, sustainable and responsible

Duration of use: about 3 months (each cocoon can be reused 3 times, once rinsed with water and dried in the open air)

The silk fibroin allows a soft exfoliation for the respect of all the sensitive skins, mixed, fatty, with imperfections, acneic, sensitive to the signs of the age.

Sericin brings a more in-depth care and will participate in the regeneration of the cells of the skin.

Application tips

Two to three times a week, moisten the silk cocoon for 2 to 3 minutes in warm water, preferably mineral water. Use small circular movements to gently exfoliate and regenerate your skin.

You can insist on areas with imperfections, prone to blackheads, or sensitive areas such as the lip contour. Little beauty tip: the silk cocoon allows you to gently exfoliate your lips.

After this natural exfoliating treatment, your skin is deeply cleansed, ready to receive a lotion, a serum or a moisturizing cream, for the rest of your beauty routine.

Revealing the potential of silk

Silk cocoons contain fibroin and sericin. Fibroin gently exfoliates the skin. Even the most sensitive, impure or acne-prone skin will appreciate this exfoliating caress.

Sericin is rich in amino acids and antioxidants: it participates in the regeneration of skin cells. It makes this moment of exfoliation a gesture that contributes to a deep care of the skin.

This ancestral beauty gesture is 100% natural. It is also sustainable and responsible.

Guarantee that the silk cocoons are free of any harmful substances

These silk cocoons come from a sustainable and responsible sericulture. It is around the village of Monoblet, in the Cevennes regional natural park, that they were cultivated.

They were cleaned by hand with water, then sterilized without chemical agents. They are free of pollutants, pesticides, perfumes and synthetic compounds.

Once your exfoliating treatment is done, you can rinse the cocoon with clear water and let it air dry. Once cleaned and completely dry, it can be reused up to three times.

An ancestral beauty gesture, silk cocoons are used for their exfoliating and purifying properties for the skin. In particular, this method is a beauty secret of Korean women, used for centuries.

Exfoliating silk cocoons: what is the beauty gesture?

The silk cocoon should be soaked in warm water (preferably mineral water) for 2 to 3 minutes. When it is wet and soft, place the cocoon on your finger. Then make small circular movements on the face beforehand cleaned. You can insist on the zones with imperfections. This care is appropriate for all the skins: sensitive, mixed, acneic, fatty, or dry. The exfoliation with the silk cocoons allows then to continue a beauty routine with a lotion, a serum, or a moisturizing cream.

After use, the cocoon should be rinsed with water, air-dried and can be reused up to 3 times.

Beauty tip: exfoliating with a silk cocoon is a beautifying caress for the skin. You can even exfoliate your lips: they will become soft without damaging them. Your lipstick will be even more beautiful afterwards.

What are the benefits for the skin? The potential of natural silk proteins

At the heart of this treatment protocol is the richness of the silk cocoon. Indeed, it is composed of two main proteins: fibroin and sericin.

  • Fibroin has excellent exfoliating qualities while respecting the skin. Dead cells are gently removed, excess sebum is absorbed, blackheads disappear: the skin is healthy, clear and luminous.
  • Sericin contains amino acids and natural antioxidants. It softens the skin and activates its regeneration.

This care is ideal to remove blackheads, excess sebum and treat imperfections. The skin of the face is visibly purified. The complexion is clearer. As a bonus, it leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft.

What is the contribution of the made in France for these silk cocoons?

These silk cocoons are produced in France, in the Cévennes region of France, in an area that is extremely protected from pollutants and pesticides. Their origin is traceable and healthy.

They are cleaned with water, then sterilized without chemical agents. They contain no pesticides, no preservatives, no bleaching agents, no perfume. They are guaranteed to be of natural origin, free of genetically modified crops.

Moreover, these cocoons are issued from quality partnerships with local farmers for the cultivation of mulberry tree and the breeding of silkworm in France.

For Benu Blanc, the natural silk cocoons made in France allow to propose a natural and healthy beauty gesture. Reusable, fifteen cocoons can provide up to three months of skin care.

The Benu Blanc and Sericyne partnership: to create the French beauty silk industry

The idea of creating a beauty silk industry in France is first and foremost a story of meetings: Clara Hardy, founder of Sericyne, Fanny Redziniak and Valérie Sabatier, co-founders of Benu Blanc, exchanged together at the silk festival in Lyon. They have in common their expertise in silk and their desire to create beautiful products made in France. Sericyne has been reviving the silkworm culture in the Cevennes for several years.

Within the framework of this partnership, Benu Blanc and Sericyne aim to develop a French beauty silk industry. For Benu Blanc, it is a question of continuing to explore the full potential of silk proteins in textile and cosmetic applications. For Sericyne, it is about finding a solid partner in cosmetics to develop part of the outlets for its production made in Cevennes.

Customer Reviews

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Epoustouflant d'éfficacité

Très efficace et respectueux de la peau, même fine et réactive, avec un effet de détente visible

Aurélia Polski
Un geste en pleine conscience

J'utilise ces cocons de soie dans ma routine beauté pleine conscience : en gommage doux pour ma peau, ils participent à la régénération cellulaire. Je fais aussi de l'eau de soie à partir de ces cocons en faisant chauffer deux cocons dans une eau frémissante pendant 5 minutes. L'eau refroidie est chargée de séricine, que j'applique en lotion le matin et le soie après mon démaquillage.
Cette routine beauté est vraiment empreinte de bien-être et de respect de la nature.

Cocons de soie

Geste naturel mais il faut prendre le coup. Et je n'avais pas compris que c'était réutilisable, ce n'était pas dit sur Instagram. Du coup j'ai jeté les premiers, quel dommage :-(

Super routine

Vu sur Instagram et j'ai pris ces cocons parce qu'ils sont purs et de bonne qualité. C'est entrer dans ma routine beauté du matin.

Cocons doux

Petits cocons super doux. rituel de beauté à faire en pleine conscience

Beauty tip #1

Make silk extract from the cocoons

1) Put two silk cocoons in a small container and cover with water

2) Place everything in the microwave, maximum power, 1 minute

3) Remove the cocoons, keep the water well, let cool: you obtain silk extract, sericin

4) Soak a cotton pad with this silk extract

5) Apply to your cleansed skin, before your serum and/or moisturizer

This beauty tip nourishes your skin with pure silk extract. You have the regenerating properties of sericin which will intensely nourish your skin cells. To be renewed as much as necessary!

A healthy glow treatment

The natural scrub that prepares for cell renewal

Whether you have sensitive, combination, oily or acne-prone skin, the silk cocoons provide a natural exfoliation and preparation for the rest of your beauty routine. Your skin is ready to optimize the effects of a serum or moisturizer.

The silk fiber gently removes impurities and exfoliates the skin in a caressing way. Silk proteins nourish your keratinocytes with the potential of sericin and fibroin.

Beauty tip #2

Gentle lip exfoliation with silk cocoons

Chapped lips in winter? Don't pull on the little skin anymore and hurt yourself. You can use a silk cocoon, soaked for a few minutes in lukewarm water, to gently exfoliate and scrub your lips. Small skins will be removed painlessly, and the silk will nourish your cells. Softness guaranteed!

You can then adorn your lips with the most beautiful reds, even matte.

A natural and durable ancestral care

Fiber of life, silk known to French queens and Asian beauties

Queen Jeanne of Burgundy, in 14th century France, had already adopted silk in her beauty routine. Even before that time, Asian beauties in Japan and Korea knew the power of the mulberry tree's bombyx cocoon.

We are updating this ancestral treatment, at a time when we are looking for more naturalness in skin care.

A healthy, sustainable and responsible gesture

Benu Blanc silk cocoons are washed with water, then sterilized without chemical agents. They are perfume and dye free. This brings you a silk of exceptional quality, pure and rich of its original properties.

After use, rinse the cocoon with clear water to remove impurities. Let it dry in the open air: well dried, it can be reused up to three times.

Discover the tutorial produced by Léa

Léa shows you how she uses exfoliating silk cocoons. With two moistened cocoons, she makes small circular movements to gently exfoliate the face and bring silk care to the skin. She rinses the cocoons, and leaves them to dry in the open air for later use.

Seen in CosmeticMag - The Advisors Edition

Exfoliating silk cocoons

"The promise: the beautifying caress of pure silk.

For whom: those who want a tender scrub that regenerates the skin.

Why: a silk cocoon made in France, harvested in the Cevennes. The unknown benefits of two proteins: fibroin gently removes dead cells, excess sebum and blackheads for a luminous skin. Sericin, its antioxidants and amino acids activate its regeneration.

Two or three times a week, put on a finger, soak the cocoon to moisten it and rub on the face in circular movements.

The cocoon, dried in the open air, can be reused two to three times."